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Malaga Island
Isles of Shoals, ME

Photo courtesy of J. Dennis Robinson.

Not much more than a pile of rocks, Malaga was likely named by Spanish sailors. It is connected to Smuttynose Isamd by Haley's Breakwater . Capt., Samuel Haley reported;y built the breakwater in the late 1700s when he sold four bars of silver found on the island, rumored to be pirate treasure. This rumor has never been confirmed and nothing of the original breakwater remains. It was rebuilt in the 1820s and in the 20th century. Malaga was originally home, amazingly, to the Henry and Rebecca Sheburne who sold their home on Malaga to a buyer in 1647. The 300 x 500 foot island is privately owned by the same family that owns Smuttynose. Today it is inhabited only by seagulls and there are no buildings or facilites. Visitors to the cove may walk on the rocky island that offers views of Star Island (seen here) and Appledore. There is no public transportation and camping and fires are not allowed. It is monitored by the Smuttynose Steward volunteer organization.

HOURS: May be visited in season dawn to dusk
PHONE: No phone
ADDRESS: Isles of Shoals, ME 03802
DIRECTIONS: Can be seen from Thomas Laighton ferry departing from dock in Portsmouth, NH
LINKS: Our Isles of Shoals pages,