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Smuttynose Murders


We cannot shake this murder from our sleep. In March 1873 three Norwegian women were attacked in the dead of night on Smuttynose Island. Two died. One survived to condemn a local fisherman. Read the historic facts behind the "Weight of Water" in our detailed Smuttynose Murder section on  

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# Title Created Date Author
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2 Isles of Shoals Archaeology Artifacts Revealed 24 June 2010 Dr. Nathan Hamilton
3 Smuttynose Graphic Novel Part 3 17 April 2010 Bob Oxman
4 Murder Staged as Tabletop Toy Theatre 05 March 2010 Greg Gathers of Pontine
5 Three Authors Tackle Double Murder 11 July 2009 J. Dennis Robinson
6 Haley House In Shambles 27 July 2008 Isles of Shoals Gallery
7 Gift Recalls Shoals Murder 06 July 2008 Smuttynose Clip File
8 The Skies of Smuttynose 19 April 2008 SeacoastNH Photos
9 Smuttynose Murder Thank You Card 15 March 2008 Smuttynose Clip File
10 Louis Wagner Arrives at Portland Jail 15 March 2008 Smuttynose Press Clips

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