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Twenty Ways to Tour Historic Portsmouth Print Email
Written by SeacoastNH Quick Guides   

Jetpack_from_Clker-dot-comQUICK GUIDES

Thinking of visiting New Hampshire’s only seaport? Now you have more ways than ever to explore the nooks and corners of the city. Here’s our original list of  phone numbers and Web sites. These may change over time (posted in fall 2012) to let us know if you find an error and have an added spot to post. We’re not including individual historic house or museum tours here, but wide-ranging trips that explore a number of locations. Check for prices and times. Most are available only seasonally. (Continued below)

Memorial Bridge is Kittery Lifeline Print Email
Written by David Balkin   


Tall ship approaching Memorial Bridge linking NH and Maine by J. Dennis Robinson /

David Balkin is not only a long-time Kittery resident and bike enthusiast, but also a community activist and media host. He is known best on this side of the historic Memorial Bridge as "The Great Balkini" and columnist for He is currently among those working to save the historic 1923 lift bridge. 

Riding the Icicle Bicycle Print Email
Written by David Balkin   


Biking in the winter



He’s out there again. Despite record snowfall and plunging arctic temperatures, the Great Balkini will not rest. While most Yankees are in the basement fixing things, our intrepid columnist has donned his high-tech long johns and taken to the chilly roads.


Orris Falls and Balancing Rock Print Email
Written by GOseacoast Walks   



The great people at Great Works Land Trust have given us another public trail among 150 acres of forest and wetlands in the corner of South Berwick, Maine. The steep banks above the falls are not for hikers with children and the geologic wonder at the end is well worth the trip.



Kingman Farm Trail Print Email
Written by GOseacoast Scenic Walks   



This rural walk through tall pines, open fields and gardens reminds us of the days when family farms dominated local real estate. We wandered through on a lush July afternoon.



Tough Love and Bike Tune-Ups Print Email
Written by David Balkin   



Our two-wheel guru talks love and the art of bicycle maintenance. This is the time of year to assess your relationship – with your bike. The Great Balkini predicts that your chances of making it together are 50-50. Here’s how to tell which half you’re in.



Rogers Park in Kittery Print Email
Written by GOseacoast Walks   



All hail Richard Rogers who preserved this land in the 1950s for public use. Today it is among the nicest flat and easy woodland walks in the Piscataqua River region – and dogs are welcomed – as long as they and their masters behave.



Luxury Lighthouse Tours Leaving Portsmouth Weekly Print Email
Written by GOseacoast Top Events   


You can’t do better than half and full-day tours with "The Lighthouse Guy" himself. Expert Jeremy D’Entremont will take you and your family around and inside the local lighthouses from New Hampshire to Portland, Maine. It’s new and exciting and you travel in luxury.



All Bikers Deserve Tubeless Tires Print Email
Written by David Balkin   

Great Tubeless Balkini


In this episode, the Great Balkini gets a blowout on a lonely Maine road on a freezing day. Things are looking bad. Could this be curtains for our hero? Enter a new technology that has been a long time coming. Read on.



New Trek Bike is Ugly Betty Print Email
Written by David Balkin   

Trek Madone

What happens when a largely monogamous cyclist meets a strangely appealing new ride? Columnist David Balkin compares the new "Ugly Betty" Trek Madone and finds her hauntingly appealing. Can he resist? Read on riders.





  • Lighthouses

    Jeremy's Lighthouse GuideJEREMY'S LIGHTHOUSE GUIDE

    Join your host Jeremy D'Entremont each week as he visits another of the 200 New England lighthouses. Your guide -- The Lighthouse Guy -- is a well-known local expert, author and lecturer on lighthouses of New England, and editor of, a virtual guide. Jeremy is president of the Friends of Portsmouth Harbor Light, which just happens to be our logo. So bookmark this page and check back each week for the next stop on our coastal tour of the region's endangered, scenic and historic maritime landmarks. Or subscribe to our newsletter for monthly updates.

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  • Scenic Walks

    Scenic WalksEventually you have to get up from that computer and stretch your legs. When we do that, we take pictures and put them here. Scenic Walks offers a growing photo archive of places you can visit in the region. These are mostly low-stress walks, not major hikes. We do not own or operate any of these places. What you see here is all we know. We borrow them and share them. If you have ideas where else we should take a short scenic walk, send us an email. Better yet, send us the pictures.

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  • Seacoast by Bike

    Seacoast by BikeDavid Balkin knows bikes. He has sold them, studied them, but mostly he has ridden them – for decades – and for thousands of miles. The “Great Balkini” offers his unique Cyclology here for the first time. This series of exclusive articles is designed to make you one with the world’s most perfect machine. It doesn’t pollute. It rarely breaks down. It makes no sound to speak of and asks little in return. Yet it makes you healthy and takes you places, especially to the flat, charming, scenic Seacoast.

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  • Quick Guides
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