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Hotel Wentworth Opens in 1874



But while everything in the house, under the direction of Mr. Chas. E. Campbell, whose experience at the Appledore in the past seasons firs him for this position, will be conducted on a scale equal to any similar establishment in the State, it is to the out-of-door attractions of this spot that we constantly turn, to admire and commend. The beautiful pine grove; its shady walk by the flowing river; its great variety of bathing facilities; the surf bath for the vigorous and its novelty in the shape of a tempered salt water reservoir, made by damming an inlet wherein flows the pure water from the ocean, over a sandy bottom, shallow and comfortable, where children and ladies of impaired health can obtain all the invigorating advantages of a salt-water bath and avoid the shock to the system often received from the cold waves of most of our beaches. These with its superior facilities for boating among the islands of the Piscataqua, or up the pleasant and romantic Sagamore Creek, or out on the broad Ocean, as one may desire; or its drives inland, soon to be enhanced by the construction of the bridge, extending six hundred feet in length to the shores of Rye, intersecting the Sagamore Road, when the visitor can drive in to Wallis’ Sands, and other points of interest, over the solid roads in Rye. Good fishing and the various other enjoyments known to sojourners by the seaside, are always at hand.

Wentworth Hotel Guests

Our visit to this new establishment convinced us that it will only require to be known to be appreciated, and in the hope that our readers far and near will visit this delightful spot during the season, we most heartily commend them to The Wentworth as the most comfortable and enjoyable establishment of the kind upon the Atlantic coast. Mr. Chase intends to improve the extensive grounds adjacent to his hotel by the erection of cottages, having recently made an additional purchase of land for that purpose; and, ere long, we shall see New Castle as celebrated as a summer resort, as it was in early time renowned for its political and commercial importance.

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