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Hotel Wentworth Opens in 1874



Wentworth House

The Wentworth has all the modern conveniences of a well-appointed hotel, for cooking, washing and other arrangements. It is lighted by 130 gas burners; the gas being supplied by one of the Springfield Gas Machines; gas being introduced into every room in the house.

wbsbooklink.jpgThe great desideratum of such a place is pure water. Many a sea-side visitor has become sick and found the cause was that the kind of water drank did not agree with them. The Wentworth is well supplied from a never-failing spring which gushes near the river side about six hundred feet from the house. The artiste in the culinary department this season is from the St. James Hotel, Boston, whose reputation will doubtless be sustained in this new field of usefulness. The clerk is Mr. Thayer from Boston.

The lower story of the house is finished in chestnut and black walnut. The staircases are broad and the room above stairs comfortably large and cheerful. The cupola affords one of the most extensive views that can be obtained from any point on the coast. One looks far out to sea, the view extending from Ipswich Bay to the far-off coast of Maine, while the prospect inland extends, in a clear day, to the summits of the White Mountains. One only needs to know that on the piazza of the Wentworth, he stands more than seventy feet above the level of the sea, at high water, to comprehend the fact that here is the best sea-side view upon the coast.

Porch at Wentworth House

No pains have been spared to furnish the hotel. The carpets were supplied by Childs, Crosby & Lane, of Boston; the bells and annunciator by Seth W. Fuller, 25 Devonshire street; furniture by Parsons & Torry, 464 Washington street; mattresses, 7c., by John Holman & Co., 60 Union street, ware by Wm. B. Moore & Son, 26 Main street, Charlestown; gas fixtures by the Tucker Manufacturing Co., all of Boston. The safe is from Sargent Greenleaf, of Rochester, NY.

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