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The Battle of Bunker Hill Again

Bunker Hill (c) Ralph Morang
Re-enacted June 17, 2001
Durham, New Hampshire

History repeats itself on a field in Durham. Photojournalist Ralph Morang offers this view of the Battle of Bunker Hill, NH-style. Here a group of modern Revolutionary War re-enactors play out the bloody Boston scenes on a New Hampshire hill. We lost, but won in spirit.



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It was history in the re-making as 200 New England militiamen brought the Battle of Bunker Hill to Seacoast, NH. The idea was not far fetched. The Wagon Hill area of Durham has a river terrain similar to the original battle site in Charleston, MA. And though few historians know, New Hampshire sent more men to the famous 1775 battle than all other states combined. That's just one of NH's little-known contributions to the American Revolution.

Carefully planned by the 1st Newmarket Colonial Militia, the battle demonstrations drew throngs of onlookers. We asked veteran photographer (and sometime re-enactor) Rakph Morang to capture his impressions of the battle on film. Ralph was on hand in the bitter cold last year when the Newmarket Militia raided Fort William and Mary. That companion photo gallery, and others by the New Castle artust are pernanent features on For information on Mr. Morang's extensive stock photo library visit New England Photography . -- JDR.

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The Battle of Wagon Hill, Durham, NH
All photos (c) Ralph Morang

Binker Hill Re-enactment (c) Ralph Morang

Newmarket Militia at Wagon Hill (c) Ralph Morang

British are Coming (c) Ralph Morang

NH Men at Bunker Hill (c) Ralph Morang

All photographs copyright Ralph Morang III. All rights reserved.
Originally published here at in 2001.

CONTINUE Battle of Wagon Hill

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