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Cocheco Mills Dover Mural

Cocheco Mills Mural by Wallscapes Etc / Photo Thom Hindle


Who doesn’t love a good mural? They are colorful. They tell stories and they bring a dull old wall to life. That’s how it is in Dover, NH since the city unveiled a 17-foot history mural to celebrate the Garrison City’s 150th anniversary. Here are some detailed photos for those who live far away. Those who live nearby should see the mural in person.




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Although it was founded in 1623, Dover has officially been a New Hampshire city for a mere 150 years. In celebration of that, a 17-foot history mural now decorates the Cocheco Falls Millworks in downtown Dover.

After the pomp and celebration of the anniversary, the mural remains. The mural was commissioned by Cocheco Falls Millworks and painted by Barbara Rainville and Linda Murray Co-Owners of Wallscapes Etc. At 7 feet tall and 17 feet in length, it took over 650 hours to complete. It now lives permanently in the Courtyard foyer of the Mill building as a gift to the citizens of Dover.

Panels of the 17x7 foot Cocheco Mill works mural

The Cocheco Falls Mill started initial construction in 1814 and contains over 365,000 square feet of office and retail space. Once a busy manufacturing plant for textiles and later shoes, the Mill had fallen into disrepair but was renovated in the 1980’s by Liberty Mutual. It is currently home to over 26 businesses

We asked the muralists for shots of the project and photographer Thom Hindle created these detailed images – not an easy trick considering the size and sheen of the painted surface. The attractive panels include icons from Dover history – from gundalow to the brick textile mills, the Cochecho Falls, city hall, Gen. Sullivan Bridge, striking women millworkers, a trolley, a train, a newspaper boy, horse cart and tall ship. What a great way to teach history – and no books or tests. -- JDR

   Wallscapes Etc.
   Cocheco Falls Millworks
   Thom Hindle Photography

City Hall

Dover trolley

Millworkers on strike

Horse and buggy days



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Thursday, December 14, 2017 
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