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50 Years of Giving by Cynthia Raymond Presents 
Historic Portsmouth #391

We’re going to miss Cynthia Raymond in 2012. The philanthropist and energetic volunteer passed away recently at age 98. I first met Cynthia four years ago when she was a spry 94. She invited me to tea at her condo in York Harbor, Maine to celebrate the publication of my book n Strawbery Banke Museum. (Continued below)


I dropped a bit of crumb cake on the floor and before I could bend to pick it up, Cynthia had swooped down and grabbed it. Later we visited Marion Fuller Brown at her York farm for lemonade on the porch. When Cynthia heard that I do not drive a car, she called to say, “If you ever need a ride anywhere, call and I’ll pick you up.” She was still driving her Mercedes. We talked at Marion’s memorial ceremony earlier this year and Cynthia was all excited about the new gundalow and what it would be named. She died the day it was launched into the PIscataqua River on December 10. Always ready to donate and volunteer to nonprofit and history preservation causes, Cynthia was among the original members of the Strawbery Banke Guild. The group formed in 1958 to raise funds for the planned new museum. She is seen here (in center holding basket) with other Guild members in front of the Portsmouth Historical Society. When you enjoy the gardens at Strawbery Banke this spring, think of her. (Courtesy Strawbery Banke Museum)


Cynthia Raymond with Maryellen Burke



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Thursday, January 18, 2018 
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