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Nutter House Postcard Tour

Exteriors of the Thomas Bailey Aldrich Memorial

Garden at Thomas Bailey Aldrich House in Strawbery Banke /


The garden was - at times swarming with Indians in ambush, behind every bush and tree -- then, presto, change! it was transformed into an English forest through which rode Robin Hood and his men -- again the pirates had it -- Captain Kidd burying his treasure in the moonlight -- Jeanne d'Arc proudly riding on her white steed with banners flying -- and here, many times, was solemnized the marriage of Pocahontas and Captain John Smith. – by Mrs. Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Thomas Mailey Aldrich House in Court Street /


The exterior of the Aldrich Museum which was a popular turn-of-the-century penny postcard. Note the garden at the right, compared (in the next postcard) with what appears to be an earlier photo that includes a telegraph pole and no garden. This image matches the 1902 picture in a local tour guide book.

Nutter House, Strawbery Banke /


At the turn of the century the "Nutter House" as it was then known, was "in alien hands" as the author's wife wrote, but it was purchased for $10,000 by public subscription and turned into a museum. Mark Twain attended the dedication in 1907. This shot shows the house before the 1907 restoration.

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