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A work in progress, this section features online link to famous New Hampshire people. The problem with search engines is that they offer TOO much information. It can be hard to separate the good links from the bad. Our job is to both identifyinteresting figures from history and dig out the best online links. Feel free to send along new ones or remport dead links when you find them. Our goal is to feature 100 perople to inspire NH students to study fascinating local history.

Display # 
# Title Created Date Author
1 The Unforgettable Poet Robert Dunn 06 September 2008 J. Dennis Robinson
2 Thank You, Joe Sawtelle 13 July 2008 J. Dennis Robinson
3 Seeking the Frances in Francestown 27 June 2008 Deb McGrath
4 The Many Doors of Harry Harlow 03 June 2008 Richard M. Candee
5 Norman Muscarello Recalls His UFO Incident at Exeter 27 September 2007 J. Dennis Robinson
6 Sam Walter Foss was NH Poet Laureate for the Common Man 13 August 2007 J. Dennis Robinson
7 He Saved The Scarlet Letter 20 July 2007 James T. Fields
8 When Stephen King Was King 09 April 2007 J. Dennis Robinson
9 Deceased Man Boosts Maine Economy 28 March 2007 Old Berwick Historical Society
10 Don Murray Taught Writing By Writing 28 January 2007 J. Dennis Robinson

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