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Nutter House Postcard Tour

Upstairs at the Aldrich Memorial

Bailey House Hall Bedroom, Portsmouth, NH /


"I had never before had a chamber all to myself, and this one, about twice the size of our stateroom on board the 'typhoon, was a marvel of neatness and comfort. Pretty chintz curtains hung at the window, and a patch quilt of more colors than were in Joseph's coat covered the little bed."
-- from Story of a Bad Boy (1869)

Blue Chintz Room at Bailey House Memorial/



"The blue chintz room, into which a ray of sun was never allowed to pen- etrate, was thrown open and dusted and its moldy air made sweet with a bouquet of pot-roses placed on the old- Fashioned bureau." -- from Story of a Bad Boy (1869) 

The Grampa Nutter Room /


"At the time I came to Riverrnouth, my grandfather had retired from active pursuits and was living at ease on his money, invested principally in shipping." -- from Story of a Bad Boy (1869)

The Abigail Room in Portsmouth, NH /


"He (Grampa Nutter) had been a widower many years, a maiden sister, the aforesaid Miss Abigail, managing his household. Miss Abigail also managed her brother, and her brother's servant, and the visitor at her brother's gate." -- from Story of a Bad Boy (1869)

Bad Boy Tom Bailey in the attic Garrett /


"I needn't tell a New England boy what a museum of curiosities is the garret of a well-regulated New England house of fifty or sixty years' standing. Here met together, as if by some preconcerted arrangement, all the broken-down chairs of the household, all the spavined tables, all the seedy hats, all the intoxicated-looking boots, all the split warming-sticks -- from Story of a Bad Boy (1869)

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