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Nutter House Postcard Tour

Grampa Nutter Postcards of the Thomas Bailey Aldrich House Museum in Portsmouth, NH /


A room by room postcard tour of the 1907 "Nutter" House. This is where "bad boy" Tom Bailey did his mischief in the classic "Story of a Bad Boy" by Thomas Bailey Aldrich. Now part of Strawbery Banke Museum, the Aldrich Memorial was Portsmouth’s historic house open to the public 



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Inside the Thomas Baley Aldrich Memorial
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It was from this very house that the infamous young Tom Bailey got into so much mischief in pre-Civil War Portsmouth, NH. "Story of a Bad Boy" by Thomas Bailey Aldrich was one of America's first juvenile classics focus on, not a fairy tale, but a REAL boy, and it helped kick off a genre of boys books that included works by Mark Twain and Horatio Alger. After his boyhood summer at Grampa

Nutter's house on Court Street and a hitch in the Civil War, Aldrich published his groundbreaking novel in 1869. After his death in 1907, the house was restored to its mid-1800s appearance and opened as a museum. Back then most visitors were very familiar with the book, and the unassuming house became a literary shrine for those who treasured the Tom Bailey tales. Readers remembered Tom’ss first love, backyard fisticuffs, the day the rascals burned a carriage in Market Square, when they fired an old cannon by the river, or took on the rival neighborhood gang in a giant snowball fight.

Today the house is still as it was, open to the public as part of a Strawberry Banke Museum tour. We've included some quotes from the book. Most of the colorized black and white photos here were sold as a souvenir package to visitors and came in an envelope with a printed tour. You can find this series often on eBay. Don’t pay too much. There are lots of copies around. – JDR

Thomas Bailey Aldrich House exterior / SeacoastNH.coom


"The house abutted directly on the street; the granite doorstep was almost flush with the sidewalk, and the huge old- fashioned brass knocker extended itself in a kind of grim appeal to everybody. It seemed to possess strange fascinations for all seafaring folk; and when there was a man-of-war in port, the rat-tat-tat of that knocker would frequently startle the quiet neighborhood long after midnight." -- from Story of a Bad Boy (1869) by TB Aldrich

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