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The Many Doors of Harry Harlow


They Called Him HMS HARLOW


I notice that when you refer to Mr. Harlow, you call him Harry S. Harlow. Having been close to both him and his wife since my birth in 1941 until his death, I feel that I need to let everyone know just how proud Harry was of his Mayflower ancestry. He made sure one of the first things I learned at his side, was that he was descended from the Merricks who came over on the Mayflower. He always used the initials H. M. S. Harlow, which was Harry Merrick Sutton Harlow. As a child, I spent many, many hours watching him work on his oil paintings, and when I was able (in his opinion), he would let me pull the handle on his printing press which I was so thrilled to do. I remember Marion painstakingly painting with water colors, the note cards which were lined up on the drying racks. By my pre-teen years, I was allowed to fold these cards and count them out, and combine them with their envelopes, to be placed in the boxes (which they also made by hand - boxes & envelopes). My sister and I both had Pilgrim costumes which we wore when "working" the garden parties at the Jackson House one wonderful summer. Marion's father was a fantastic man. We called him ChaCha, and he always smelled like Noxema....not a bad thing. He had so many rare antique tools, and slide after slide (stereo-opticon) of Portsmouth that he would spend hours telling me all about. But, I tend to ramble...which is easy when thinking back to the many hours spent with Harry, Marion, and Charlie. My main objective was to tell you how important ALL of Harry's names were, and to see if possibly you could make the correction in your article about him, to include the extra initial.

Even though I read your paper thoroughly each issue, I failed to notice the omission of Harry's initial until today. Hopefully this can be corrected, even at this late date.

Thank you for such a great I might add has helped my immensely in my research of the Caswell's of Smutty Nose, who were my grandmother's family.

Patricia Holt





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Tuesday, January 16, 2018 
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