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Matthew Thornton

Liberty Signer (1714 - 1803)

Like Josiah Bartlett, fellow NH signer of the Declaration of Independence, Matthew Thornton was a doctor. Like John Hancock, his name is best remembered today as that of a an insurance comapny. Unlike his contemporaries, Thonrton was not a New England native. Born in Northern Ireland in 1714, he became a respected New England physician. By 1745 he was a wealthy, single handsome doctor in Londonderry, NH. Thornton joined William Pepperrell's famous and successful seige on Louisburgh. As surgeon, Thornton's 100 men helped drag cannons all the way to Cape Bretton in Canada. Although in the royal militia, he became involved in the patriot cause, especially in importing weapons and raising funds. Thornton was not a member of the group that drafted the Declaration, but he was invited to sign, thus entering his name in the role of famous founders. He served on the NH court, legislature and governor's council and continued his medical practice. Thornton died at 89 while visitng friends in Newburyport, MA. Our search turned up precious little on the good doctor, on the Web and elsewhere .

Skilled, handsome, brave, Dr. Thornton
was hailed as a man of the people and of God

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Search for out of print books on Bibliofind

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