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Daniel Webster

Orator (1782-1852)

Born in Salisbury, NH , Daniel Webster is probably best known today as the lawyer who defended fellow New Hampshireite Jabez Stone in a fictional trial with the Devil. The short story "The Devil and Daniel Webster" adapted to the movies, plays on his fiery debating skill as a Senator from Massachusetts. After attending Dartmouth and training as a lawyer in Portsmouth, NH, Webster became one of the nation's best known speech makers and was appointed Secretary of State under three presidents. Known as "Black Dan" and "Godlike Dan" Webster refuted the Southern concept of the nation as a loose confederation of states. Webster initially opposed Westward expansion and the Mexican War. His compromise position on slavery, though it may have delayed the Civil War, cost him his hopes of running for the presidency. A shy child, his bold oratory and literary style made his name a household word in 19th century America.

"I'd Fight 10,000 Devils to Save
One New Hampshire Man!"
Webster in 'Devil & Daniel Webster"

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Dartmouth's Favorite Son, Class of 1801
An online in-depth exhibit about Webster's link to his NH college

US Senate Official Biography

Young Lawyer in Portsmouth, NH
Webster cut his teeth as a young lawyer in the struggling port city

DW: Defender of the Constitution
Site adapted from lecture by writer Dan Orr to the Philomathean Society

Webster Bibliography
A compilation of works by and about Webster from the US Senate

Autobiographical Sketch 1829
From the "Papers of Daniel Webster"

Learning Company short bio


The Short Story on Radio (AUDIO)
New version acted out for streaming medium including Alec Baldwin who appears in the new film version.

The Screenplay
An e-text of the screenplay by Dan Totheroh and Stephen Vincent Benet

Short Story by Stephen Vincent Benet
We thought this story was still under copyright, but here it is

Another copy of the Short Story

The Classic Movie (1941)

The New Movie (2001) with Anthony Hopkins & Alec Baldwin

Daniel Webster's Birthplace, Franklin, NH
Open summers and managed by NH Div Parks & Recreation

Webster House in Portsmouth, NH
On the campus of Strawberry Banke Museum

Webster Cottage, Hanover
Reputed to be his residence, site of Hanover Historical Society

Webster's House in Portsmouth
A 19th century account by from Charles Brewster's "Rambles"

Old Supreme Court, US Senate (LIVECAM)
The US government's own virtual tour where Webster once sat and where he defended Dartmouth College in his famous speech

Statue of Webster, US Capitol, Washington DC
Marble by Carl Conrads (after Thomas Ball). Given in 1894, Statuary Hall.

Grave of Webster in Marshfield, MA on Find-a-Grave

Webster Statute in Central Park, NYC

Webster on US Currency
Dawn's Virtual Currency Collection details Webster on $10 bills

Thomas Ball Sculpture of Dan, circa 1863

Webster Bust by Shobal Vail Clevenger, circa 1838


Archived Webster Documents
A list from of locations of items from the US Senate

The Dartmouth College Case, 1818

Speaks at Bunker Hill, June 1825

DW Funeral March, 1852 (AUDIO)
Listen online to the 4th Artillery Brass Band

Speech to US Senate, March 7, 1850

Webster Resigns, July 22, 1850


Daniel Webster Portraits from Darmouth Collection

Matthew Brady Photo, Smithsonian, 1849

John Neagle Painting, US Senate, 1858

Lithograph by Francis D'Avignon at National Portrait Gallery

Images of American Political History painting

Clay, Fillmore, Calhoun, Webster in the Senate: 1850

Portrait at NH State Capitol


The state of NH named its online server after Dan WEB-ster, get it?

USS Daniel Webster Submarine (SSBN-626)

Daniel Webster College, NH

Daniel Webster Council, Boy Scouts, Manchester, NH

Daniel Webster Middle School, Milwaukee WI

Daniel Webster Inn, Sandwich, MA

Daniel Webster Elementary, Marshfield, MA

Webster City, Iowa

DW Highway, NH

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Photo from Image Library
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