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The Logic of the Gun Print Email
Written by Sam Walter Foss   


Sorry, we couldn’t resist the comparison. New Hampshire poet Sam Walter Foss hit the mark time and again with his poetry. This one seems especially on target a century after the poem appeared in Foss’ volume Songs of the Average Man in 1907. Foss attended high school in Portsmouth, NH.



Adolphus Greely Abandoned in the Arctic Print Email
Written by J. Dennis Robinson   

Arctic view from NH fILM

The hardest film to do well is a good documentary. Portsmouth’s Cocked Hat Venutres has hit the mark with its first effort. Abandoned in the Arctic is engaging, authentic and adventurous. without sensationalism it tells the tale of the lost 1881 Greely expedition and the scandal that plagued its survivors.



The Calf Path Print Email
Written by Sam walter Foss   

Sam Walter Foss poemsNH POETRY

Those who cut their own path through the woods have a tough time of it. But they are the true innovators, compared to those who simply follow in the hoofprints of original thinkers. NH poet Sam Walter Foss makes that perfectly clear in this classic about a calf who forged a highway..



Flooding New Hampshire Print Email
Written by Alstead Historical Society   

Alstead, NH Flood Damage / Alstead Historical Society

We love self-published books, especially those that involve students in documenting local history. Too Much Water, Too Much Rain is the story of the flood that devastated parts of Alstead, New Hampshire in 2005. IN its first few months in print, this book sold 2,000 copies.



Less is More at Portsmouth Cinemas Print Email
Written by Editor at Large   

Best Portsmouth movie foodSEACOAST MOVIES

The odds seem stacked at 6,000 screens to one. And if you measure your movie pleasure in gallons of soda, decibels of sound and dollars spent, it’s no contest. But after visiting the Portsmouth Music Hall and the Regal Stadium 15, our enjoyment meter gives David the victory and Goliath thumb’s down.



Mocking Maud Muller Print Email
Written by Bret Harte   

Maud Muller on Miles Premium Baking Powder /

In the poem "Maud Muller", a beautiful maiden meets a handsome judge riding along the road from South Berwick to York, Maine. Both are smitten, but neither acts. They are from two different social classes. Among the best known poems of the late 1800s, the fictional Maud Muller inspired a host of parodies. Here is the best of all. (Continued below)


The Toilet Papers Print Email
Written by Jane Wingate   

The Toilet Papers by Jane Wingate

A new e-book of short essays by Farmington, NH author and photographer Jane Wingate explores just about every topic known to humankind. All that in a 300+ page book that does not waste trees and costs just $12. You can get less for more, but as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe put it so well, you can’t hardly get more for less.


Blacks on the Border Print Email
Written by Harvey Amani Whitfield   

Blacks on the Border of Halifax, Nova Scotia. SeacoastNH.comSEACOAST BOOKS

Each new black heritage study contributes to our understanding of race in America. This volume focuses on the little-told story of black refugees on the move to Nova Scotia in the years leading up to the Civil War and the African culture they created there.



Maud Muller Illustrated Print Email
Written by John Greenleaf Whittier   


Maud Miller 1867 Illustrated poetry book / SeacoastNH.comSEACOAST POETRY

Perhaps you read the classic poem of unrequited love set along the road to York, Maine? Now you also see the original illustrations from the 1867 hardcover edition. Maud wants the Judge and the judge wants her..You can’t always get what you want, but you can live to regret it. 




Making the Squalus Movie Submerged Print Email
Written by J. Dennis Robinson   

am Neill as Charles

Backstage with director James Keach and the Peter Maas film version of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard submarine accident. We interviewed the director in 2001 just as the made-for-TV movie hit the airwaves. It isn’t Portsmouth, but this straightforward drama tells it like it was.




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  • Book of the Week

    Our focus here largely is on books about our Piscataqua Seacoast region or written by Seacoast authors.  With our active literary community, that means a lot of volumes. Where possible we offer links for you to buy books. Our goal here is not to review, but to keep you posted on the latest, and sometimes little known publications.

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  • Poetry


    So much about the Seacoast inspires great poetry -- from sea charities to shipwreck ballads to modern verse. This section features the work of local writers young and old, famous and obscure.


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  • Film

    FilmNew Hampshire ain’t Hollywood. It’s better. But we inspire more movies than are made here. Even films written about NH are often shot in Canada or elsewhere. All the same, there are stories to tell, tales of UFOs, black history, murder, sea adventures and quiet simple folk. We span the gap from Peyton Place to On Golden Pond. This web area is dedicated to films about us, by us, or loosely connected to NH and the nearby coast. It is a work in progress. Click for local movies NOW PLAYING or get info from our MOVIE DATA page.

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  • Gallery

    GallerySeacoastNH is always looking for evocative images of our region and beyond. This is where we put them. Each gallery showcases the work of a single artist or project. Each has a theme. Each draws us in for some reason and captures a little of the diversity that makes our region unique. Come on in. Learn about the artists and, if you need creative work, contact them. Tell them we sent you.

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