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Somersworth Mural Enlivens City Print Email
Written by Hilary A Niles   


Condensing a city into symbols is no easy task. Painting those images on a giant exterior wall is harder still. But artist Gordon Carlisle had the skills and Somersworth had the will. Now every passerby can visualize the scene in a superb example of how art builds community.


The Films of Louis de Rochemont Print Email
Written by Seacoast NH Film   

louisfilm00.jpgNH FILMMAKERS

As this amazing list shows, the career of maverick producer Louis de Rochemont was long and provocative. Always pushing the envelope, the NH-based filmmaker produced spy thrillers, military and war, social commentary, romance, cartoons, family films, fantasy, nature and educational films. A work in progress, here is our updated list.



Two Inland Noodles at the Sea Print Email
Written by Will Carleton   


Those of us who live near the ocean forget it is a new experience for the land-locked. In this 1885 poem by Will Carleton, a comic farmer wrestles with the mighty sea. For readers who can handle this wave of Victorian verse, there is a lot of clever stuff here and some funny illustrations from the dawn of the age of seacoast tourism. 




Isles of Shoals, Images of America Print Email
Written by Donald Cann, John Galluzzo, Gayle Kadlik   



200 images culled from the Star Island Collection are gathered here for the first time. If you love the Shoals, this book must be in your library. Includes rare details about the conference years, the ferries and Uncle Oscar.



Sing Frank Jones Brewery Song Print Email
Written by P Ryan   



While rummaging through family artifacts a Portsmouth family discovered these lyrics. Published exclusively on SeacoastNH.con, they offer insights to life in the city and to the political ambitions of the city’s richest man.



An Overnight Art Gallery Print Email
Written by Art-Speak Portsmouth   



Portsmouth, for all its indoor arts, has few outdoor public sculptures. Art-Speak, a city-sponsored group decided to do something about that. Each summer they sponsor a fresh collection by local artists. See this year’s group below.



The Candidates at the Fair Print Email
Written by Sam Walter Foss   


Americans are forever hopeful that the next presidential term will be greater than the last. In fact, most will agree that, whoever wins the race, could not possibly be worse. And then our inner-Yankee voice speaks up and says – when it comes to politicians, they’re all pretty much the same.



Communities and Consequences in an Aging NH Print Email
Written by Jay B Childs   

jbc00.jpgHow did the Granite State get so gray? Is New Hampshire slowly committing economic suicide? A bold new independent documentary tackles the growing social and economic problems of an aging state.

April 14 and 16
NH Public Television



High Acres Maple Syrup Cookbook Print Email
Written by Susan Chapman Melanson   



With maple sugar prices rising, you want to get the most from every drop. So it’s time consult the experts. In this highly affordable independent paperback, a maple sugar farmer offers over 200 ways to tap into the sweetest maple treats.



Drop Frame Portsmouth Print Email
Written by Tom Clark   



If you think life is passing you by, you’re right. But it passes by much faster in this artistic amateur documentary about everyday life in Portsmouth, NH. Yet Tom Clark has managed to both accelerate time and preserve history.




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  • Books
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  • Book of the Week

    Our focus here largely is on books about our Piscataqua Seacoast region or written by Seacoast authors.  With our active literary community, that means a lot of volumes. Where possible we offer links for you to buy books. Our goal here is not to review, but to keep you posted on the latest, and sometimes little known publications.

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  • Poetry


    So much about the Seacoast inspires great poetry -- from sea charities to shipwreck ballads to modern verse. This section features the work of local writers young and old, famous and obscure.


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  • Film

    FilmNew Hampshire ain’t Hollywood. It’s better. But we inspire more movies than are made here. Even films written about NH are often shot in Canada or elsewhere. All the same, there are stories to tell, tales of UFOs, black history, murder, sea adventures and quiet simple folk. We span the gap from Peyton Place to On Golden Pond. This web area is dedicated to films about us, by us, or loosely connected to NH and the nearby coast. It is a work in progress. Click for local movies NOW PLAYING or get info from our MOVIE DATA page.

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  • Gallery

    GallerySeacoastNH is always looking for evocative images of our region and beyond. This is where we put them. Each gallery showcases the work of a single artist or project. Each has a theme. Each draws us in for some reason and captures a little of the diversity that makes our region unique. Come on in. Learn about the artists and, if you need creative work, contact them. Tell them we sent you.

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