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It took $17 million and decades
of work to get this replica built

Photos of Endeavour in Portsmouth
Click here for Endeavour visit calendar Sept 11 - 21

A Long Journey to Portsmouth, NH
HM Endeavour The first Endeavour was built in Whitby England in 1764. Originally a coal ship or "collier," the flat bottomed ship was later adapted as a research vessel and sailed into history by James Cook.

The idea of building a precise Endeavour replica evolved during the 200th anniversary of the ship in England in the 1960s, but did not get off the launch pad. Because Cook effectively "discovered" Australia, the project began there in 1988. The project ran into funding trouble, was nearly bailed out by a Japanese firm, and finally revived in 1991 by a new foundation in Sydney, Australia. The second HM Bark Endeavour was commissioned on April 16, 1994.

The three-masted sailing ship then set out to retrace Cooks famous research voyages around the world. Operated by a crew of 47 on the 100 foot ship, the modern Endeavour can sail like its predecessor. It also contains modern amenities including engines, electric galley, generators and modern communications.

Cook did not visit the United States. His voyages began during the United States Revolutionary Era. With the US no longer a repository for British convicts, Cook's discovery of the continent of Australia came in handy as a backup island prison. America's fight for freedom, in effect, led to the new British penal colony "down under".

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Endeavour Facts

Cost to build:  $17 million
Tim to build:  500,000 man-hours
Displacement:  550 tons
Overall length:  33.3m (109' 3")
Lower Deck Length:  29.77m (97' 5")
Breadth:  8.89m (29' 2")
Depth in Hold:  3.45m (11' 4")
Carrying Capacity:  397 tons
Displaced Volume:  550 tons
Sail Area:  926 sp m
Main Mast:  29m (127' 11")
High Foremast:  33.5m (109' 10")
Mizzen Mast:  24m (78' 9")

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Endeavour Photo Gallery
Click on thumbnails for larger version of photo. All photos provided by copyright to HM Bark Endeavour Foundation. Endeavour's Portsmouth visit is sponsored by the Piscataqua Maritime Commission.

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