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Photo from Thom Hindle Collection
Step into our time machine and travel
to the Seacoast region as it used to be

Old Photographs
  • "Wily Waters" Piscataqua Maritime Guide  New Button
  • White Island Lighthouse  New Button
  • Thomas Bailey Aldrich Portraits
  • Hampton's "Haunted" House in 1930s
  • Search for Jones Body in Paris
  • The 1905 Treaty of Portsmouth
  • Photos of Goodwin Park
  • Caleb Gurney's Henderson Point Explosion
  • Ten Pleasant Street, Portsmouth
  • Assassination of President Lincoln
  • Wentworth-by-the-Sea, Turning the 20th Century
  • Wentworth-by-the-Sea, the Swinging Smith '60s
  • Wentworth-by-the-Sea 1920s Brochure
  • U-boats Surrender in Portsmouth, 1945
  • "Illustrated Memories" of Seacoast NH, 1890s
  • "Illustrated Memories" of York and Kittery, Maine
  • Portsmouth Train Wrecks
  • Portsmouth Photos: "An Old Town by the Sea"
  • Old Dover Scrapbook
  • Memorial Bridge Dedication, August 17, 1923 Newsreel
  • Newly Discovered Ironsides Photo
  • Victorian Portsmouth
  • Attractive Bits Along the Shore, 1890s
  • Early Hampton Beach
  • Gosport Harbor, 1860s
  • The Ice Storm of 1886
  • "Old Ironsides" in Portsmouth

    Penny Postcards

  • Poet Whittier's Homes New Button
  • July 4 Fireworks and Kids
  • Tour the "Bad Boy" Museum
  • Goodwin Monument and Mansion (Part 1)
  • Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (Part 1)
  • They Blew Up Henderson's Point!
  • Mrs. Stafford's Paul Jones Flag
  • South Coast Maine Gallery
  • Ironsides "Barracks" Arrives in Boston
  • Thomas Bailey Aldrich House
  • Memorial Bridge Card
  • A Trip to Star Island
  • Phillips Exeter Academy Tour

    Early Artwork

  • John Hancock Insurance Patriotic PamphletsNew Button
  • Two Newspaper Engravings of Early Fires
  • US Naval Battles on 1900 Insurance Calendar
  • Assassination of President Lincoln
  • Picture of Fort William and Mary
  • Two paintings by Sarah Foster
  • Sarah Foster's "Murder House" Watercolor
  • Vignettes of Portsmouth Part One
  • Washington & Lear Family Portraits
  • Pictures of the Warner House
  • Test Your Maritime History IQ
  • Portraits of John Paul Jones
  • Framers of Freedom Gallery
  • Prehistoric Indian Artifacts

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