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A complete list of tax payers
when the city was 100 years old

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By Charles W. Brewster

Editors Note: C.W. Brewster was a Portsmouth columnist in the mid-1800's. This article includes his opinions and may not reflect current research or current values.

Portsmouth in 1727 - Inhabitants - Property - Location of Neighborhoods.

A VIEW of Portsmouth near the close of the first century from its settlement, is a matter of some interest. We have before us an Inventory of the Polls and Estates of the Town of Portsmouth in 1727, which was taken by Messrs. Stephen Greenleaf and John Pray, according to an order of government. It is the best record extant of the names of the citizens of this town at that time, and interesting to many of the present citizens of Portsmouth as a register of their ancestors residing here more than one hundred and thirty years ago; for a large number of the names are yet among us. The names of some widows who were reported as tax-payers--and a few names which were not legible, have been omitted.

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Census Figures

The whole number of polls given is 475 -- oxen 121, cows 407, horses 154, hogs 108, slaves 52, houses 298, acres of tillage land 226, acres of meadow 520, acres of marsh 87.

Of the slaves, Capt. Walker had 4, William Vaughan 4, Col. Walden 2, Richard Wibird 8, R. Waterhouse 2, George Jeffries 2; the remaining 35 were owned singly in families. Richard Wibird owned 5 houses, William Vaughan 4, Moses Paul 3, John Downing 4, Nathaniel Mendum 3, and 19 individuals 2 houses each. The remaining 241 houses were owned by as many proprietors.

The thirteen persons who paid the highest taxes ranged in the following order: Richard Wibird L37, Joshua Peirce 36, John Rindge 32, Geo. Jeffries 31, Henry Sherburne 29, Joseph Sherburne 24, William Knight 22, John Bradford 22, Henry Keyes 22, Thomas Sibson 21, Jacob Lanes 20, William Vaughan 20, Thomas Westbrook 20.

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John Abbott
John Abbott, Jr.
Peter Abbott
Reuben Abbott
James Abbott
Samuel Adams
William Adams
Joseph Adams
Benjamin Akerman
John Almony
William Amos
Arcula's Arichson
Robert Armstrong
George Ayers
John Ayers
Joshua Babb
Sampson Babb
Sampson Babb Jr.
Phillip Babb
James Babb
John Babb
Thomas Barns
Abraham Barns
William Barns
Abraham Bartlett
Peter Ball
Hugh Banfield
Capt. Sam'l Banfield
George Banfield
Daniel Bailey
Mr. Bacon
Thomas Beasfelde
Thomas Beck, Sen.
Thomas Beck
Henry Beck
Samuel Beck
Henry Bennett
James Benson
Henry Benson
John Benson
Stephen Berry
Joseph Berry
William Bevens
Abraham Bevens
Thomas Bevens
William Bennett
Wm. Bickham
Thomas Bickford
Henry Bickford
Eliakim Bickford
Percy Bickford
Nicholas Bishop
James Boyd
Robert Bond
Michael Brooks
John Brooks
John Briar
Samuel Brewster
Joseph Brewster
Joshua Brewster
John Brewster
Frenchman Brackett
John Bradford
Samuel Brown
Charles Brown
Joseph Brown
William Broughton
John Broughton
Joseph Buss
Moses Caverly
Edward Cate
Edward Cate, Jr.
William Cate
Joshua Cate
Thomas Cass
Abraham Center
John Churchill
William Chandler
Ambrose Clearage
James Clarkson
Josiah Clark
John Clark
George Clark
Ichabod Clark
Wm. Cotton, Sen.
William Cotton, Jr.
Thomas Cotton
Thomas Cotton, Jr.
George Coolbroth
John Coolbroth
Joseph Crowell
Benjamin Crowell
William Crostwaite
Thomas Crocket
Capt. Benj. Cross
Capt. Wm. Cross
John Cutt
Capt. Richard Cutt
John Culverson
John Darling
Samuel Davis
John Davis
Timothy Davis, Jr.
Timothy Davis
William Davis
John Daniel
John Daverson
Wm. Dillaway
Francis Dittey
Ephraim Dennett
Alexander Dennett
Moses Dennett
Timothy Dennis
Timothy Dennis, Jr.
Samuel Dennis
John Dow
Benjamin Dockum
Richard Dolebear
John Downing
Joseph Downing
John Drew
Francis Drew
Nathaniel Dresser
James Dun
John Edmonds
Thomas Edmonds
Richard Elliot
Joshua Fanning
Wm. Fairweather
William Fellows
Wm. Fellows, Jr.
John Fellows
Nath'l Fellows
Amos Fernald
John Fitzgerald
Wm. Foss
Samuel Foss
James Fuller
John Frost
Capt. Furber
Alde Gammon
Francis Gammon
Phillip Gammon
William Gammon
John Gains
Benj. Gamblen, Esq.
Jeremiah Gordon
John Gowell
Stephen Greenleaf
Peter Greeley
James Gray
Joseph Grant
John Green
John Grindall
Robert Green
Caleb Grafton
John Griffis
John Guy
Thomas Harvey
Samuel Hart
Samuel Hart, Jr.
Robert Hart
Capt. Samuel Hart
John Hall
John Ham
Thomas Ham
William Ham
Samuel Ham
Samuel Ham, Jr.
Thomas Hammet
John Hardison
Thomas Harris
Mark Hattin
John Hill
Samuel Holmes
Lazuras Holmes
John Hooper
George How
Edward Hopkins
William Hook
William Howard
David Horney
Edward Hobrens
Nath'l Horne
Nathaniel Hodgdon
Mark Hunking, Esq.
Arcul's Hunking
William Hunking
William Hucker
Walter Hull
Capt. Huse
Clement Hughes
George Hunter
Capt. Ellis Husk
George Huntress
Moses Ingraham
Thomas James
Richard James
John Jackson
Ephraim Jackson
Nathaniel Jackson
Daniel Jackson
Daniel Jackson, Jr.
Ebenezer Jackson
Elisha Jackson
Joshua Jackson
Samuel Jackson
George Jeffries, Esq.
Daniel Jeffries
Simon Jeffries
James Jeffries
David Jeffry
Abraham Jones
Joseph Johnson
Richard Jose
Martyn Jose
William Jones
Henry Keais
Capt. Kennard
William Keniston
Capt. George King
Capt. Wm. King
Peter King
William Knight
John Knowles
Ezekiel Knowles
Jacob Lane
George Lane
Jacob Lane, Jr.
Robert Lane
Wm. Langdon
Tobias Langdon
Mark Langdon
Joseph Langdon
Benjamin Langley
Stephen Lang
William Lang
Robert Lang
John Lang
Nathaniel Lang
Nathaniel Lang, Jr.
John Lang
Stephen Lang, Jr.
Jacob Lavis, Jr.
Jacob Lavers
George Lavis
Jeremiah Lawry
James Leach
Zachariah Leach
William Lewis
Benjamin Lewis
John Lear
Capt. John Libbey
Jeremiah Libbey
Abraham Libbey
James Libbey
Benj. Libbey
Joseph Libbey
James Libbey, Jr.
Robert Lintle
John Low
William Lowd
John Locke, Jr.
Edward Lock
Joseph Lock
William Lock
James Lock
Jethro Lock
William Lock
Benjamin Lusey
Robert Macklin
James Mackeny
George Marshall
John Martyn
A. Macpheadris, Esq.
Samule Manson
Thomas Mane
John Marden
James Marden
Peter Mann
Peter Mann, Jr.
Michael Mann
John Marshal
George Marriner
Nath'l Meservey
Francis Merritt
Nathaniel Melcher
Thomas Mead
Joseph Mead
Nathaniel Mendum
Francis Merritt
Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller Jr.
Benjamin Miller
John Mills
Eben'r Morse
Peter Moe
Samuel Moore
John Moore
James Moses
Mark Moses
Josiah Moses
Joseph Moses
Joseph Moulton
Capt. Dan'l Moulton
Joseph Moulton
Daniel Moulton
Hugh Montgomery
William Nason
Jeremiah Neal
Joseph Nelson
William Nelson
John Newmarch
Mark Newmarch
Thomas Newmarch
Stephen Noble
Stephen Noble, Jr.
Thomas Noble
Matthew Nelson
Nicholas Norris
Christopher Noble
Moses Noble
Lazarus Noble
Nathaniel Odiorne
Wm. Parker, Sen.
William Parker, Jr.
Jonathan Partridge
William Partridge
Nehemiah Partridge
Capt. Wm. Pane
Henry Paine
Moses Paul
Thomas Packer
Thomas Palmer
Richard Parshley
Abraham Perkins
Stephen Pendergrass
John Peverly, Jr.
John Peverly, Sen.
Nath'l Peverly
William Pevey
John Peirce
Joseph Peirce
Joshua Peirce
Joshua Peirce, Jr.
George Peirce
Doctor Peirce
Capt. Thomas Peirce
Thomas Peirce
Edward Pendexter
Capt. Jno. Penhallow
John Peacock
Neal Phillips
Thos. Phillips
Doctor Pike
Solomon Pike
Joseph Pitman, Sen.
Joseph Pitman
Benj. Pitman
James Pitman
Jabez Pitman
Samuel Pitman
Ezekiel Pitman
Samuel Pickering
Robert Pickering
John Plaisted
John Pray
John Preston
Thomas Priest
Daniel Quick
Frank Rand
Capt. John Rindge
Joseph Richards
Doctor Rogers
John Roberts
Doctor Ross
James Rowe
William Ross
Anthony Rowe, Jr.
Alexander Ross
Capt. Jno. Robertson
Auwell Roberts
Benj. Rust
Eleazer Russell
Agu. Russell
Samuel Rymes
John Savage
John Sergeant
Edward Saddler
John Sampson
John Saunders
Sylvanus Scott
Samuel Seaward
George Seaward
John Seaward
Wm. Seaward
Henry Seaward
William Sheaf
Richard Shortridge
John Shores
Samuel Sherburne
Sam'l Sherburne, Jr.
Capt. H. Sherburne
Capt. Jos. Sherburne
James Sherburne
John Sherburne
Henry Sherburne
Ephraim Sherburne
Capt. J. Sherburne, Jr.
Henry Sherburne, Sr.
John Shackford
William Shackford
Samuel Shackford
John Simes
Joseph Sibson
John Sibson
Thomas Sibson
Thomas Simpson
Capt. Sloper
Ambrose Sloper
Richard Small
John Snell
Samuel Snell
James Springer
John Sparks
William Spriggs
Thomas Starboard
John Stevens
Joseph Stutely
James Stutely
Jonathan Stutely
Capt. Walter Stewart
John Stergen
John Steggins
Samuel Snalen
Richard Swain
Roger Swaine
Elias Tarlton
Jacob Tash
William Tarrett
Wm. Tapley
George Thompson
John Thompson
Capt. Geo. Tendell
James Titcomb
Edward Toogood
George Townsend
Richard Tobey
Samuel Tripe
Robert Triggs
Nath'l Tuckerman
Jacob Treadwell
S. Tripe
John Tucker
Francis Tucker
Oliver Tucker
William Vaughan
John Venson
George Vincent
William Warren
Samuel Waters
Matthew Watson
Sam'l Wales
Edward Wells
John Wales
Capt. R. Waterhouse
Capt. S. Waterhouse
Timothy Waterhouse
Walter Warren
Richard Ward
Gideon Walker
George Walker
Capt. Walker
John Walker
Joseph Walker
Col. Richard Waldron
Richard Waldron, Jr.
Moses Welch
Capt. Daniel Warner
Thomas Westbrook
Hunking Wentworth
Benning Wentworth
Capt. Eben Wentworth
Wm. Wentworth, 1st.
William Wentworth, 2d.
Elisha Witham
Joseph Witham
Capt. Winkley
Nicholas Winkley
Mr. Willey
Samuel White
William White
William White, Jr.
John White, Jr.
Capt. Thos. White
John Whidden
Michael Whidden, Jr.
Michael Whidden
Thomas Wilkinson
Richard Wibird, Esq.
John Wibird
John Woodworth
John Woodin

Some errors may be made, as the spelling in old times was rather phonetic. For instance, the following from the town book of 1720:
Theodr Ackinson
mickel Wheton
Jams Spiney
ben dunel
wedo Elet
ames fornel
Rich alett
hen Ries
Patr Gares
mos denet
dock Ros
Sam whit
Boid ye Shopkeer
Boid ye Barber
Gil mockfrders
Tim wartorhowes
Samuel Penholo Esqr
nemiah partrg
Ed ares
wedo marchel
hen Sowerd
moses pall
Capt. henry Slopr
danel quck
Rich warrhors
Jo burs
Gorg peairs
John Robrds
Zacrey Lech
Jo moyes
docker Pikk
walter warn [Warren]
Abram Kent
Rich Jos
Abr Sentr
Phel Gamn
Willam Clarnbol
nat hach
Sam more
Enoch Grenlef
ben dockom
nat Roborson
ben gamlen

One striking feature in the preceding list of names is this: there is not a single case in which a man has more than one Christian name.

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Old Portsmouth Neighborhoods

On the sixty-second and sixty-third pages of this book will be found a list of neighborhoods in 1678. We have no definite data from which to locate all those neighborhoods, but from the knowledge of the residences of some of the landholders of the same family names in later years, we think we are not far from right in placing the neighborhood under the care of Tythingman Wallis, near Sagamore creek. Sargeant Brewster's neighborhood, between Sagamore creek and the plains. Thomas Jackson's, on the South road. George Branhall's, in the vicinity of the South mill and on Peirce's island, where Waterhouse was known to reside at that time. John Light's, south of the South mill. John Dennett's, between D. H. Spinney's and Christian Shore. William Earle owned the land now Spinney's, to the creek, and Ham owned Freeman's Point. Doctor Fletcher's, Morse's and Kaise's neighborhoods probably extended from Water street to the north-end, near the river. The four neighborhoods last given, were probably on Newcastle, which at that time was a part of Portsmouth.

Text scanned courtesy of The Brewster Family Network
Copy of Rambles courtesy Peter E. Randall
History Hypertext project by
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