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Nazi U-Boats Surrender at Portsmouth

SURRENDER AT SEA (continued)


German officers aboard the U-805 as it is escorted to Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine, then the largest American submarine base in the Northeast in 1945. (AP Photo)

The First U-boat Arrives
May 15, 1945

Having surrendered in the North Atlantic to Allied forces the week before, the 245-foot German U-boat was towed into Portsmouth Harbor and moored near the Revolutionary War Fort McClary. The Navy tug US Dekanisora with dozens of members of the press met the sub off the Isles of Shoals. A large patch of green water, dyed with chemicals, was the spot marked for the rendezvous.

Three German officers with "surly expressionless faces" were seen on deck and a near accident occurred when the U-boat cut across in front of the press tug, missing by about 15 feet and angering the tug captain.

The official surrender took place at Kitt's Rock Buoy, one mile out from Whaleback Lighthouse at the entrance to the harbor at 4:25pm. After the ship arrived at the navy yard in Kittery and publicity photos were taken, 27 crewmen and four officers were removed to the naval prison by bus.

Two More Subs Surrender
May 16, 1945

Two more surrendered U-boats arrived in a less formal process this day. The U-873 arrived in Portsmouth Harbor at 2pm and the U-1228 arrived that evening.

A reaction of "unbounded excitement" occurred in the evening when a UPI teletype revealed that another German sub had been captured in the Newfoundland area with three high-ranking German officials and two dead Japanese scientists aboard. Fritz Steinhoff, captain of the 305-foot U-boat 873, now already in harbor, announced that he would give a press concfered soon.

Surrender at Sea by Charlie Gray/

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