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The Shipyard


Skilled boatbuilders were producing fine wooden ships from the dense local forests  by the late 1600s. The Raleigh, first of the ships in the Contientnal Navy was built here before the Revolution. Shipyards flourished all along the Piscataqua and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine is over 200 years old. This section is dedicated to those ships, the men and women who built and sailed them, and their families.

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# Title Created Date Author
1 The Day the Shipyard Burned 03 April 2006 Ray Brighton
2 Mine Planter Richard Arnold Sinks 01 April 2006 Seacoast Shipyard Stories
3 Portsmouth Shipyard Celebrates 24 August 2005 GOseacoast Tours
4 Peace of Portsmouth Parade 06 August 2005 SeacoastNH Camera Tours
5 Waging Peace in Portsmouth 29 July 2005 J. Dennis Robinson
6 Postcards from Ground Zero 23 July 2005 Early Images
7 Postcards from Portsmouth Navy Yard 13 May 2005 SeacoastNH Early Images
8 Hauling Out the USS Albacore 02 May 2005 Shipyard Stories
9 A Short History of Portsmouth Naval Shipyard 25 February 2005 J. Dennis Robinson
10 Home by Tug at 103 28 January 2005 Seacoast Stories

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