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Jesse James Complete Movie List

Jesse James in Film

Here is our "working" master list of films relating to the outlaw Jesse James, starting with a 1909 silent film up to the 2007 Brad Pitt release. Our goal is to watch them all and report back to you. It’s a tough job, but someone had to do it.




Complete Working Guide to Movies About Jesse James,
Frank James and the James-Younger Gang

NOTE: This is a work in progress. Films are listed in chronological order and new items are added when we discover them. We review each item as we get a copy on VHS or DVD. Click here to see films ALREADY REVIEWD in The Dingus Project

Red type indicate a documentary
Blue type indicates films not directly about Jesse James, but about Quantrill’s Raiders or Missouri / Kansas border wars


The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Bob Ford (2007)

Jesse James, American Experience PBS (2006)

Jesse James: Legend, Outlaw, Terrorist (2005)

Mystery of Jesse James (2004)

American Outlaws (2001)

"The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne" The Ballad of Steeley Joe (2000)

Baptist Freedom Fighters (2000 est)

Ride With the Devil (1999)

Purgatory (1999)

Gunfighters of the West, Jesse James (1998)

Lawrence: Free State Fortress (1998)

The James Gang, Outlaw Brothers (1995)

Frank & Jesse (1994)

Legends of the American West (1992)

The Long Riders (1980)

The Last Days of Frank and Jesse James (1986)

Legend of the Golden Gun (1979)

Little House on the Prarie (1977-78)

The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976)

The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid (1972)

A Time for Dying (1969)

Hondo and the Judas (1967)

Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter (1966)

The Outlaws Is Coming (1965)

Arizona Raiders (1965)

Bronco, Shadow of Jesse James (1960)

Young Jesse James (1960)

Alias Jesse James (1959)

Cole Younger, Gunfighter (1958)

Quantrill's Raiders (1958)

The True Story of Jesse James (1957)

Hell’s Crossroads (1957)

Jesse James Vs. the Daltons (1954)

Jesse James’ Women (1954)

The Great Jesse James Raid (1953)

The Woman they Almost Lynched (1953)

The Great Missouri Raid (1951)

Best of the Badmen (1951)

Kansas Raiders (1950)

I Shot Jesse James (1949)

The Fighting Man of the Plains (1949)

The James Brothers of Missouri (1949)

The Return of Frank and Jesse James (1948)

Adventures of Frank and Jesse James (1948)

Jesse James Rides Again (1947)

Badman’s Territory (1946)

Renegade Girl (1946)

The Remarkable Andrew (1942)

The Bad Men of Missouri (1941)

The Return of Frank James (1940)

Dark Command (1940)

Days of Jesse James (1939)

Jesse James at Bay (1939)

Jesse James (1939)

Jesse James (1930)

Jesse James as the Outlaw (1922)

Jesse James Under the Black Flag (1921)

Jesse James (1911)

The James Boys of Missouri (1908)

SOURCES: Adapted and expanded from a list provided in the appendix of the book "Frank and Jesse James: The Story Behind the Legend" by Ted P. Yeatman.

(c) 2007

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