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Black History


African American history in New Hampshire begins as early as 1645. Hundreds of blacks, enslaved and free, lived in the seacoast in the 1700s. Black men fought in the Revolution and the Civil War. Their stories are among the most popular on this web site. Articles are based on and inspired by the work of historian Valerie Cunningham and Mark Sammons, authors of the upcoming book "Black Portsmouth".

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# Title Created Date Author
1 Slavery and the Portsmouth Church 17 February 2006 Valerie Cunningham
2 Untangling the Prince Whipple Legend 13 February 2006 J. Dennis Robinson
3 Prince Whipple and American Painting 03 February 2006 J. Dennis Robinson
4 Slaves at the William Pitt Tavern 06 January 2006 Valerie Cunningham
5 Slaves in the Warner House 03 January 2006 Valerie Cunningham
6 Slavery and the Langdon Family 16 December 2005 Valerie Cunningham
7 Epitaph for a Slave 22 February 2005 Anonymous
8 Black Jacks 10 February 2005 W. Jeffrey Bolster
9 Dover's Anti-Slavery Newspaper 08 February 2005 Ed Wentworth
10 First Blacks of Portsmouth, Part 2 06 February 2005 Valerie Cunningham

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