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Portsmouth Black Heritage Trail


Portsmouth is taking back its African American heritage, ignored for centuries in written history. This tour is now a local source of pride a model for other New England seaports. Based on the research of historian Valerie Cunningham, the entire tour is available online exclusively on
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  1. Samuel Penhallow House
  2. Langdon House
  3. Waterfront -- Ceres Street
  4. Site of the Temple
  5. South Church
  6. South Ward Room
  7. People's Baptist Church
  8. 14-16 Market Street
  9. Navy Yard
  10. Rosary's Beauty Shop
  11. Rockingham House
  12. St. John's Parish Hall


Why Black History?

Portsmouth, New Hampshire has been home to Africans and African-Americans for more than 350 years. This Portsmouth Black Heritage Trail guide takes the reader to a selection of sites where Portsmouth's black residents lived, worked, prayed and celebrated. It tells stories omitted from three centuries of white historical narrative.

Upon examination we find that against the odds of early enslavement and subsequent marginalization, Africans and their descendants built communities and families, founded institutions, and served their town, state and nation in many capacities.

Black culture informed and transformed American Popular culture. The black presence made other Americans describe themselves as white. The black civil rights movement remains a model for other marginalized Americans and an inspiration to the world. In brief, black history is American history-black history is everyone's history.



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Black Heritage Trail
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Portsmouth 1850
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Portsmouth 1877
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