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City Puppies Take Two

City Puppies by Nick Diana on

See exclusive photos and read our interview with "phodographer" Nick Diana, author of City Puppies. He’s back with a second edition of the book everyone Is barking about – all Seacoast dogs in full color. Clothing is optional in this cavalcade of canine characters.




This self-published book is based on the concept that everyone loves pictures of their own baby. Today, with pets replacing babies in many households, the question is – will you buy a book if your dog is in it? Nick Diana is betting you will.

Cover of first City Puppies book from Back Channel Press/SeacoastNH.comWe first saw City Puppies, Part One in a downtown hair salon. Rudy, a pug who lives in the salon, was pictured in the book. A year later the dog-eared copy is still in the waiting area and darned if we don’t flip through it every month – not just to see Rudy, but to scan the great shots of what we know are all local pets. The clear colorful photos are worth looking at, even if you don’t know any of the dogs personally.

We almost titled this article – City Puppies Do Number Two. That’s because Nick Diana is back. His sequel to City Puppies will appear in paperback, not hardcover, this time. It will cost less, and people whose posed pooches are portrayed must agree to buy at least one copy of the book. But is it possible that they will buy many more? And would you buy this book even if your pet is not pictured? Therein lies the potential genius of City Puppies.

We asked pet photographer Nick Diana to wag his own tale in the following exclusive interview.Click to see FIVE new and original photos from the second volume of City Puppies.

An interview with Nick Diana
Author of City Puppies

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Where did your local dog book idea come from?

Nick Diana: I started dog walking in 2005, while I was bartending. There were these two dogs that really entered my life, so I began spending more than ample time with them; hikes, vacations, etc. All of my friends knew them too, and everyone loved them very much. When their owner took a job in another state, I created a book online with a compilation of all of the photos I had taken over the course of the two years we spent together. This book was very expensive, and I thought to myself, if this were cheaper, who wouldn't want a book containing their own dog to show off on their coffee table? City Puppies was born within the week.


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