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Nancy Horton Photo/Entrada

You could call them geometric paintings of architecture, except that these are not paintings at all, but photographs. Seacoast artist Nancy Horton uses buildings to create canvases of color in this ongoing series, first begun in 1989, that captures a wide world.




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Back in 1989 Nancy Horton decided she was going to be a photographer.She was in Puerto Rico, a quick trip that launched a year-long solo trip photographing images around the world .

"What I did not realize until many years later," Nancy says today, "was that subconsciously, I was taking the same type of image over and over." This ongoing exhibit became known as "Entrada".

Some of the images in this gallery, although they share a similar vision, were taken in Ghana, Africa while others are from Old San Juan, Puerto, Rico, shot during two visits almost a decade apart.

Nancy Grace Horton photo / Entrada


As a photographer, I am drawn to the power of creating curiosity, with the traditional tools of the trade; camera, film and light meter.

With, leading lines, color, texture and a dream like narrative, I capture a moment and emphasize a mysticism that evokes question. For me, making a photograph is discovering an image that warrants being enlarged for viewing and exploration, dissolving the medium.

I seek images encompassing people and places that become symbolic still-lifes. These abstract compositions become color fields, geometric, minimalist and painterly.

With the use of film and new technology, I explore traditional in-camera techniques presently focusing on square compositions exposed onto medium format color film.

With the goal of having the opportunity to print straight photographs large scale, my presentation also explores mixed media and mounting on a variety of substrates including canvas, copper and other metals, fabric and using tar, acrylic medium and encaustic.

My work is driven to influence the viewer to step in and have a connection, and many of my images are based on my ongoing series Entrada which explores the translation of Salida y Entrada from Spanish to English meaning, cues, beginnings, exits, departures and solutions.

In this age of greed, war and unrest, I want to let the viewer escape for a moment, captured by a memory or thought, yet explored. – Nancy Horton 


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