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Who Played Barney Hill?

James Earl Jones


This famous film actor played Barney Hill in the 1975 film UFO Incident. Who played the Portsmouth, NH social worker?. Click to see our new autographed photo and link to much more info on the rarely seen TV movie.




in the 1975 film THE UFO INCIDENT
(click for much more info)

Estelle Parsons as Betty HillHe has appeared in over 130 films and TV shows. He is the voice of CNN and Verizon. He is Darth Vader. He is the Lion King, king Lear, the boxer in Great White Hope, And he played the Portsmouth, New Hampshire social worker, who allegedly was abducted by aliens while driving in the White Mountains.

According to the late Betty Hill (played here by Estelle Parsons), James Earl Jones was a major force behind the making of the TV film of her UFO close encounter. It was a role he very much wanted to play.

While the film is still unavailable on video or DVD, we recently purchased a signed copy of a movie still from the 1975 film by Universal Studios. It is posted here. For much more information on the film, check our archive.

READ: The Grounding of Betty Hill

The UFO Incident

Publicity photo from MCA TV, (c) Universal Television, 1975


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Friday, December 15, 2017 
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