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Revolution for the hell of it

Filmmaker Gary Anderson rescued this historic footage from a dumpster outside the University of New Hampshire media center. He expanded the found footage into a half-hour documentary. Edited in the midst of the campus riots of the very early 70s, Mayflowers captures the spirit of the student protests from the inside out.




Mayflowers, UNH Student Protest film from 1970It is May 1970. Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin are scheduled to speak at the University of New Hampshire one day after four Kent State students were killed by the National Guard during an anti-war demonstration. This film documents that week in May at UNH where student reaction and political polarization was representative of the mood throughout the country.

This extraordinary documentary offers a rarely seen New Hampshire perspective on the campus riots following the "summer of love". Filmmaker Gary Anderson took the pulse of students on one New England campus and has preserved it for decades exactly as it was presented.

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The University of New Hampshire, May 1970
New Hampshire Movies
VHS, B&W, 29 minutes
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Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin at UNH, May 5, 1970 from the film MAYFLOWERS (c) Gary Anderson

Convicted (and later released) campus agitator Jerry Rubin gives the power salute onstage at UNH during an illegally held rally in May 1970 the day ater three students killed by National Guardsmen at Kent State University. (Fomr Mayflowers, courtesy Gary Anderson and

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