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Best YouTube and Google Videos


Guy Takes Picture of Himself Every Day for Six Years
Self explanatory

Woman Takes Pix of Self for Three Years
Same as above, but she stands still better.

Granny with Machine Gun 
It takes all kinds. She shoots target in the "toodles"

Laughing Kid 
Freaky child with adult-sounding laughter

George Bush
One of hundreds of GW videos

George Bush Speechwriter 
Okay, just one more.

Crazy Russian Climbers 
Watch the whole thing. This is what Tom Cruise
is imitating in his blockbuster films, but this
daredevil does it for real.

Shotgun Champion 
Forward past opening ad for low target shooter who never misses

Trick Bike Rider 
Filmed in a gymnasium in Germany

Breathless with 8 year old Julia 
Our favorite "Google Idol" of all time
singing into her webcam.

Star Spangled Banner Hand Music
The peak of humankind represented here.
Amazingly there are many people who can do this.
Sample Two 





Domino Champions 
Goes on and on and on to the point of awe
or exhaustion, depending on your view.

Baby Gas 
This is as low as we can go

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