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Best YouTube and Google Videos


Leona Lewis on X-Factor
Thanks to the Web we can also watch
the winner of British Idol competition

Andy McKee Guitar Song
The web is a great way to discover
unique music acts in an age of immitators.

Talk Talk TV Commercial
Who says commercials cannot be
brilliant art? More and more are.

Skeleton Dance Street Puppeteer  
Video clips can capture brilliant moments
like this performance that might have been lost.

Erle Montaigue Family Blues Band 
Here is the rocker you don’t see, performing
with his teen children in great Welsh band.

Singing Jesus: I Will Survive 
Brilliant bit of video street theatre that
must be watching to the final frame.





Barbie Girl with Lynne and Tessa 
These two musical mimes have become
world famous and this is their best piece.

Skater Boy with Lynne and Tessa
More of the above but mimicking a brilliantly
clever song to boot.

White & Nerdy
Weird Al comes of age with his most clever
and witty video to date released online.

New Numa 
The 2006 video sensation in which a chubby kid
finally cashes in on his own virile video with
a second produced video. We even bought the Tshirt.

CONTINUE Best Internet Video Clips 

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