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Best YouTube and Google Videos


Hamster Wheel
If this isn’t a metaphor for life, we don’t know what is.

Octopus Escapes from One Inch Hole
This one is self-explanatory. Don’t try this at home.

Killer Whale Jumps onto Person 
Whale watching in a shocking tiny clip of vide.

Standing Cat in Japan
Self explanatory

Dutch Saved Trapped Horses
An emotional rescue (with music) of 100 stranded wild horses

Flying Fish
Fish fly into rowboat at night in reaction to bright light

Kitten with Dog
One of zillions like this, but set to nice music.

Skid Boots Smart Dog
The smartest dog in the world grows old.

Talking Dogs 
Collection of canine vocalizations that sound
eerily human. 





Monkey Teasing Dog
Short clip as described

Skateboarding Dog
A classic of the bull dog that knows the
true meaning of – Go Play.

Sneezing Panda 
Another of the best short animal clips from 2006

Faith the Bipedal Dog (with music)
  Two versions of this, one to pull the heartstrings,
one documentary.

Faith documentary
Born with no front legs, Faith learns to walk upright.
Is this exploitation or miracle?

Dog on Front Legs
Four legs good, two legs bad?

CONTINUE Best Internet Video Clips 

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