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Best YouTube and Google Videos

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With thousands of videos being uploaded daily, who has time to cull through them? Following are some of our favorites. Feel free to send suggestions and we’ll keep posting them -- but only if we love them. Click for MORE.




Our Fave INternet VIdeo Clips

It really is a revolution, this ability to instantly access, stream and watch video. But what will it bring us closer together, or drive us increasingly insane? Our taste runs to the unique, amazing, educational, funny and serendipitous. We avoid nasty, painful, hip and stupid stuff.






Newest on Top / Updated Jan 31


Solo Singer Mary Anne
Phenomenal face and stage presence  with 50 clickable
siongs that she actually sings! Show tunes are best.

Fuss Ball Magic
Super skillful gamester demos trick moves  

Treadmill Dancers  
Precision dancing by four high school kids on exercise machines.
Clever. G-rated.

First Wheelchair Backflip
This comes near the end of the clip. Stunning. Frightening.

66 Inch Jump 
Guy leaps over five feet straight up 

Cars Out of Control on ICE
The power of frozen water in candid video from Portland

Bootleg Scientology Orientation
Haven't you always wondered what they say? End is best.

Invisible Scottish Girl
Gets mad playing with dad and disappears.

The Real Simpsons
Amazing reconstruction of cartoon opening
using real people

Human Car
No gas vehicle powered by four people

Georgia man shoots 1,100 pound wild pig

HY Subway Hero
A mainstream CBS report, but amazing all the same

Two Funny Kids
You can’t help but laugh with these animated kids
mugging for the camera in a restaurant (AOL)

That Sleepy Pup
It's been around, but still works

Heather Martin Singing 
4-Year Old sings original song to brother in Iraq
"When Are You Coming Home, John?"

CONTINUE Best Internet Video Clips 


Hamster Wheel
If this isn’t a metaphor for life, we don’t know what is.

Octopus Escapes from One Inch Hole
This one is self-explanatory. Don’t try this at home.

Killer Whale Jumps onto Person 
Whale watching in a shocking tiny clip of vide.

Standing Cat in Japan
Self explanatory

Dutch Saved Trapped Horses
An emotional rescue (with music) of 100 stranded wild horses

Flying Fish
Fish fly into rowboat at night in reaction to bright light

Kitten with Dog
One of zillions like this, but set to nice music.

Skid Boots Smart Dog
The smartest dog in the world grows old.

Talking Dogs 
Collection of canine vocalizations that sound
eerily human. 





Monkey Teasing Dog
Short clip as described

Skateboarding Dog
A classic of the bull dog that knows the
true meaning of – Go Play.

Sneezing Panda 
Another of the best short animal clips from 2006

Faith the Bipedal Dog (with music)
  Two versions of this, one to pull the heartstrings,
one documentary.

Faith documentary
Born with no front legs, Faith learns to walk upright.
Is this exploitation or miracle?

Dog on Front Legs
Four legs good, two legs bad?

CONTINUE Best Internet Video Clips 


Amazing Army Robot Mule 
A scary look into the future with a four-
legged robot that actually works.

Honda Robot Asimo Falls
Painful failure of costly robot to climb stairs
at public display.

Honda Robot Asimo Evolution
The rise and fall of the Honda robot

Expanding Table 
Advanced carpentry in this short demo.

Japanese Rube Goldberg Contraptions
This goes on and on until you are
stark raving mad.

Snake Robot
One more innovation from Japanese TV

CONTINUE Best Internet Video Clips 


Sky Diver with Jets Attached to Boots
Russian daredevil attempts nutty stunt
and succeeds 

Kite Pulls Surfer Aloft
39-second involuntary kite ride, video shows ride
then again in slow-motion with narration




Precision Parachutes
81 skydivers connect in formation in mid air

What We Saw9/11
Alternative view of Wolrd Trade Center attack from
nearby apartment runs 26 minutes, totally surreal,
and difficult to watch

Tornado Footage
Stirring weather footage by insane videographer.

Tsunami Footage
15 minutes raw footage from Thailand

CONTINUE Best Internet Video Clips 


Leona Lewis on X-Factor
Thanks to the Web we can also watch
the winner of British Idol competition

Andy McKee Guitar Song
The web is a great way to discover
unique music acts in an age of immitators.

Talk Talk TV Commercial
Who says commercials cannot be
brilliant art? More and more are.

Skeleton Dance Street Puppeteer  
Video clips can capture brilliant moments
like this performance that might have been lost.

Erle Montaigue Family Blues Band 
Here is the rocker you don’t see, performing
with his teen children in great Welsh band.

Singing Jesus: I Will Survive 
Brilliant bit of video street theatre that
must be watching to the final frame.





Barbie Girl with Lynne and Tessa 
These two musical mimes have become
world famous and this is their best piece.

Skater Boy with Lynne and Tessa
More of the above but mimicking a brilliantly
clever song to boot.

White & Nerdy
Weird Al comes of age with his most clever
and witty video to date released online.

New Numa 
The 2006 video sensation in which a chubby kid
finally cashes in on his own virile video with
a second produced video. We even bought the Tshirt.

CONTINUE Best Internet Video Clips 


Guy Takes Picture of Himself Every Day for Six Years
Self explanatory

Woman Takes Pix of Self for Three Years
Same as above, but she stands still better.

Granny with Machine Gun 
It takes all kinds. She shoots target in the "toodles"

Laughing Kid 
Freaky child with adult-sounding laughter

George Bush
One of hundreds of GW videos

George Bush Speechwriter 
Okay, just one more.

Crazy Russian Climbers 
Watch the whole thing. This is what Tom Cruise
is imitating in his blockbuster films, but this
daredevil does it for real.

Shotgun Champion 
Forward past opening ad for low target shooter who never misses

Trick Bike Rider 
Filmed in a gymnasium in Germany

Breathless with 8 year old Julia 
Our favorite "Google Idol" of all time
singing into her webcam.

Star Spangled Banner Hand Music
The peak of humankind represented here.
Amazingly there are many people who can do this.
Sample Two 





Domino Champions 
Goes on and on and on to the point of awe
or exhaustion, depending on your view.

Baby Gas 
This is as low as we can go

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