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by Bill & Connie Warren
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Joseph F. Berry, Hatter

Yesterday, circa 1906, Joseph F. Berry, Hatter, was located at 41 Congress Street. His advertisement claimed, "Prominent among the leading hatters and haberdashers of Southern New Hampshire, and widely and favorably known to the purchasing public, is Joseph F. Berry, whose finely stocked and largely patronized store is located on Congress Street. Hats and caps of the highest grade and most reliable manufacture are to be found here, including all that is correct in style and right as to prices; also, the finest men's and youth's furnishings, shirts of quality, and collars, cuffs and neckwear, of up-to-date decree."

Today, there are three businesses in the building. They are ... Belle Peppers Café, Worldly Goods, and, Finn & Company. For this webpage, Belle Peppers Café and Finn & Company offered their business cards only; Worldly Goods, on the other hand, offer a full statement which claimed in part, "... owned by Rhoda Hill and Holly Lantinen, Worldly Goods is a store that offers contemporary craft created by America's finest artisans." They go on to say, "We love our merchandise and it shows! We enjoy our customers' delight in finding something special. We're knowledgeable about our artists and their work, and we're very approachable - - definitely not stuffy."

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