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Yesterday and Today
by Bill & Connie Warren
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Pleasant Street

Yesterday, c. 1860, Carl Meinerth, Portsmouth photographer, recorded the brick sidewalk being laid on the west side of Pleasant Street as is clearly visible in the right side of his photograph. In the foreground and background, on the right, are some wooden structures, some of which are still with us today. The one to the immediate right is on the near corner of Pleasant and Court Street. The next houses seen are on the far corner of Pleasant and Court Streets (see 1813 "fire" map); the corner house and the next two have also survived. But the church (middle background) has not survived. The church and steeple seen belonged to the first (of two) Universalist churches. This one was erected in 1808, and was destroyed by fire in 1896.

Today, where there was a church, there is a bank and a large parking lot just beyond the trees on the right. The buildings on both the near and far side of the intersection of Court and Pleasant Streets are in use today. I changed the angle from which the photograph was taken to more clearly show the far corner building, now painted a darker color.

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