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Yesterday and Today
by Bill & Connie Warren
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Looking Down State Street

Yesterday, c. 1860, State Street as photographed by Carl Meinerth appears as little more than a tree-lined dirt street. Had the photographer not named his photograph, it would be unidentifiable as none of the visible buildings have survived. This photograph was taken from the intersection of State and Pleasant Streets facing toward Middle Street. The South Church, built in 1824-26, which survived the 1813 fire (see 1813 map) might have been visible on the left side of the photograph but is not because it is built too far back from the street. Its location is just beyond the wooden building on the left and its fence can barely be distinguished.

Today, the photograph was taken from the same location. Again, the South Church is not visible, but its fence is just beyond the buildings to the left. Today's shadows, cast from buildings on the left side of the street, cross State Street similarly to yesterday's shadows. But gone is the charm of a tree-lined country town's street.

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