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Betty Hill Film Continued

Newspaper images from the made-for-TV movie

Alien with Gun
According to a 1975 National Enquirer article, Universal Studios spared no expense in creating aliens that precisely fit the Hills descriptions. Designing the masks cost a full $3,000, according to the studio, and each copy thereafter cost $100. That's less than the price of a pair of tickets to Universal Studios theme park today.

Betty Hill at test
The space doctor is in! According to her account, the aliens conducted medical tests. Today Betty Hill believes she knows why the tests were taken and will reveal her theory on in a special interview. Aliens, were played here, Betty says, by young Japanese girls who had the correct body dimensions.

Betty Hill with book
Betty remembers being given a book by the leader of the aliens that would provide proof of their visits, but it was later taken back. From this Betty later recalled her famous star map. Unlike other UFO abductees, Betty insists the incident was not traumatic for her and she told the alien leader she enjoyed her trip and would like to travel again someday.

Alien Space Ship
Heading home, the aliens climbed back on their ship for the return voyage. Barney Hill died in 1969, but Betty Hill, 80 years old in 1999, has become the grand dame of UFO abductees. She continues to live in Portsmouth, NH in the house she has owned since the 1950s.

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© 1975 Images from PR materials by Universal Studios
Source: National Enquirer, September 1975

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