The original USS New Hampshire was built at Portsmouth Navy Yard in 1819 and launched in 1864 for use in the Civil War as a supply ship and later as a training vessel. It sank in Massachusetts Bay in 1921.

A POEM Reprinted from the
Portsmouth Journal
Saturday, Jan. 30, 1864.
Author unknown


Troops of women and troops of men,
  And troops of children, like clusters of pink,
Were gathered together in sunlight again,
  Close down by the beautiful river's brink.

The water rose, in its liquid blue,
  As clear as an Indian summer's day,
And a ship with its colors unfurled anew,
  On the opposite side of the river lay.

The tinkling of musical bells swept by,
  As the sleighs flew over the melting snow,
And a shout from the crowd rose loud and high,
  As they watched the brave ship proudly go.

With a stately plunge in the foamy deep,
  It touched the waves with a roll and a dip,
And then with a bound and an onward sweep,
  Gracefully launched the noble ship.

This ship that has just been launched on the deep,
  Whose timbers were laid in the peace gone by,
Now o'er water and land the war notes sweep,
  Is the noble response to a noble cry.

Hark! the cry of a nation! Oh, answer it well;
  Let every new battle be valiantly fought,
Till the armies on land and on sea we shall quell,
  And welcome in peace with our victories bought.

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