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In the backyard is the not-so-famous Haley Outhouse with a view of the Oceanic Hotel on Star Island. This is not the hotel that Celia ran, but the one owner by John Poor, her competition. Celia's Appledore hotel burned years after her death and was not replaced. Star is run by the Unitarian Church today.

smuttynose photo

A blurry view of Star Island from inside the Haley House. Samuel Haley and his family occupied the island before Celia Thaxter and her family moved there in the mid 1800s. Celia's dad, Thomas Laighton, wanted to revive the fishing industry here, but turned instead to reviving the tourism industry since it was more profitable and smelled better.

smuttynose photo

If it wasn't for the handy sign, we wouldn't know that these rocks may mark the graves of the Spanish sailors who allegedly died in a shipwreck and were discovered by Haley. Celia tells the story in "Among the Isles of Shoals" but the facts remain as fuzzy as these pictures.

smuttynose photo

Samuel Haley's gravestone in a small family cemetery. The island is covered with low white rocks and is fairly extensive with stone cairns, low shrubs, lots of seagull poop, poison ivy, many stone walls and house foundations. Maren's rock, where she supposedly hid from Wagner, is on the other side of the island. We would show you that, but the camera broke and we ran out of film.

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