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Maren's Rock

Maren's Rock
This is how Maren's Rock appears when approaching it from the southeasterly side of Smuttynose Island. While no evidence exists that Maren Hontvet hid here from Louis Wagner, the site is popular with tourists who sail and motor past this point daily.

Maren's Rock
Is that Maren? No that's Dr. Maryellen Burke who writes and lectures about the history of the Isles of Shoals. This photo shows the scale of the legendary rock at the farthest point on the island.

Maren's Rock
Certainly Wagner would not have heard Maren's dog Ringe barking here. This site is a quarter mile from the Hontvet House and the pounding of the surf just beyond Maren's Rock makes it difficult to hear anything. Next stop from here - Europe.

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Photos by J. Dennis Robinson.
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