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December 13, 1873
Portsmouth Journal of Literature and Politics
Wagner writes letter to his mother
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Louis Wagner the convicted murderer, has written a sad but affection letter to his mother in Prussia, informing her of his condemnation, and that he has been sentenced to be hanged for murder, but strongly avowing his innocence. The letter was written in the Prussian tongue, but its contents were interpreted before it left the prison. He expresses the deepest sorrow that in leaving Prussia he did not leave his bad habits behind him -- that in exchanging countries he did not change his vices for virtues. He was filled with sorrow that his excesses and vices should lead people to suspect him of the great crime with which he had been charged. He did not murder the women : if he had wanted their money he could have obtained it in a much easier way than that. Although the thought of death on the gallows was painful, yet it was preferable to a lingering, lonesome life within prison walls. His letter closes with the hope that he shall meet his mother in a better world than this.

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