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Route 1, York (Cape Neddick), Maine
11-2 six days a week (closed Wednesdays)
No Phone

Flo's Famous Hotdogs

Be prepared to wait. The tiny low-ceiling customer area is like no retuarant you know. Loyal visitors line up along the bar stools after calling out their order upon entering. The hotdogs go in the steamer, and the cook goes to work. Gail (Flo's daughter in law) has been at it, she says for 35 straight years and shop is 40 years young.

Flo's Famous Hotdogs

It's not the Ritz, for sure. Flo's is an institution in York, Maine. The famous hotdog stand, unchanged in decades, stands, or rather squats, along Route 1 between York and Ogunquit , Maine. It seems like a place out of time. No politically correct waitpeople, no sprouts, no designer food. Flo's sells one thing -- hot dogs, with a special Flo's hot sauce.

Flos' Famous Hotdogs

Look quick. Turn in fast. We stopped by on a sunny fall day to find a long line. The official name is "Flo's Famous Steamed Hotdogs". The weathered sign inside promises the best dogs on Route 1 from Maine to Forida. And you can't beat the price. Under $3 for a dog, and a drink -- the perfect cheap Penny Gourmet lunch for those on the go in the Seacaost region. And, better than the dog, is the fact that you can tell your friends -- I ate a "flo-dog". If they don't know what that means , they' re out of the loop..

Photos by J. Dennis Robinson

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