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JUNE 2000

Built by the Columbus Foundation in 1986 in the British Virgin Islands, NINA is considered by many to be the most authentic replica ship sailing today. She visited Portsmouth, NH early in June 2000 during the bicentennial of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Click on the photo above to visit the NINA web site.

Nina photo
More than half a millenium ago, Columbus & Co. steered this 98-foot caravel to the New World. The Columbus quincentennial for which the ship was built turned out to be a "nonevent" with a current modern backlash against the Eoropean conquest of the AMericas in the wind.

Nina photo
But the thrill of a wooden ship never fails to draw the young, like these two maritime scholars who came up from Newbury, Mass to explore the NINA. Visitors pay only $4 for a self-guided tour of the historic ship.

Nina photo
Educating visiting children is, after all, the main mission of the NINA which has visited over 300 ports, telling the story of original ship and the hardships of sea. All the crew members, for example, were required to sleep on deck in all weather, and only the captain had enclosed quarters.

Nina photo
Portsmouth again turned out to be a profitiable and friendly port of call. As many as 800 visiors toured the ship per day. Despite a rainy week, more visitors arrived in the first day than in the entire stay at a previous port. A week after her arrival, the NINA set sail for the St.Lawtence.

Read more on NINA in Portsmuth Herald (press BACK to return)

Disposable photos by Tim Dubuque & J. Dennis Robinson.
Copyright ©2000 All rights reserved.

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Read the original press release

Portsmouth NH - In celebration of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard's Bicentennial history the Piscataqua Maritime Commission announces the arrival of the replica of Columbus's ship the NINA on the morning tide of the Shipyard's Birthday, 12 June 2000. Passing by the Shipyard at approximately 10:00 AM and through the Sarah Long Bridge at 10:30 AM, she will tie up at the Port of New Hampshire for a 7day stay. The NINA will be open for visitors 13-18 June 2000 (Tuesday through Sunday). Built in 1988, the NINA is a historically correct replica of the 15th Century Caravel Redonda used by Christopher Columbus on his 'voyage of discovery' in 1492.

The original NINA logged at least 25,000 miles under Columbus' command and now her replica will visit Portsmouth Harbor as part of the Maritime Commission's program of historical education. This replica represents the NINA as she would have appeared during the eight recorded busy years of her life following her departure from the Canary Islands in September 1492. Like the original, the replica NINA is 93 feet in length with a deck length of 66 feet and 1,919 square feet of sail area.. The replica NINA has taken part in the filming of "1492" in 1991. Since then, the ship has visited over 250 ports in the U.S. She is the only "sailing museum" which is continually "discovering" new ports, while giving the public an opportunity to visit one of the "greatest little ships in the world's history".

The Piscataqua Maritime Commission invites the public to tour the NINA Tuesday through Sunday, June 13-18, 2000. A fee of $4 for adults, $3.50 for seniors, and $3 for youth over 4 (under 4 are free) will help defray the costs of the vessel's maintenance.

For information call the PMC Chairman
Capt John Wheeler at 603-659-2855
Piscataqua Maritime Commission
Got more information: 603-431-ship

Capt John R. Wheeler, USN/ret
15 Granger Drive
Lee, NH 03824-6550

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