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A solid internet search of over 1,000 references to John Paul Jones proves that the "Father of the American Navy" has been eclipsed by his namesake in the rock band Led Zeppelin. But we found our local hero all the same. When not hanging out in Portsmouth, NH, JPJ was a true "citizen of the world." Now you can explore his world. offers our list of favorite JPJ-related sites on the World Wide Web. To set sail, just click below. If you have more, send them along via "Talk to Us". Bon voyage! JDR

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Start Here: JPJ Web Site

Paul Jones Play in Edinburgh    New Item

Jones Official Tomb at Annapolis  New Item

The USS John Paul Jones Web Site 

Paul Jones Statue in Philadelphia
Image of JPJ in back of Philadelphia Art Museum. There is also a complete tour of all statues of famous Americans in the city of Brotherly Love. Intriguing, now databased.
(scroll down and look under "Individuals")

JPJ Maritime History New button

Extracts from MY CAMPAIGN by JPJ New button

Other Famous Scots

Alfred's Canon to be Restored

Founder of the American Navy

Historic Whitehaven

Continental Navy of Mass

Story of the Bonhomme Richard

USS John Paul Jones (DDG 53)
Official site of COMNAVSURFPAC with ships of
US Naval Surface Force, Pacific Fleet. Includes
pictures of ship, coat of arms, history, characteristics.

Short History of JPJ
Official Navy biography is a concise starting
place for background for children's reports.

Bust of JPJ
Large image of Houdon bust at Navel War College

Sons of the American Revolution
John Paul Jones Chapter

Proof That JPJ Was A Mason
Primary source material from Scotland Mason's Lodge
shows Paul Jones signed up in 1770 (scroll down to JPJ pic)

Military Notes on JPJ's 250th Birthday
Published by the Department of the Navy -- National Historical Center, Washington, DC.

The John Paul Jones Web Site
Hey that's us! Our history theme site is a solid starting point for your exploration. Look for essays on The Ranger, JPJ's Life, his time in Portsmouth, NH, gallery of JPJ portraits and more.

John Paul Jones House Museum
Tour the Purcell boarding house (1756) in Portsmouth, NH where JPJ stayed during the building of the Ranger and the America. Join the Portsmouth Historical Society with on-line registration form.

The War Ship Alfred
A year before arriving in NH, JPJ was Captain of the captured ship Alfred. The whole history is here on this SchoonerMan site.

The (Original) Bonhomme Richard
John Paul Jones defeated the HMS Serapis in 1779, Named in honor Benjamin Franklin the Revolutionary War ship captured or sank forty British fighting ships, earning the nickname 'The Lucky Sloop'. A Schooner Man site.

John Paul Jones Cottage Museum
Birthplace of JPJ in Arbigdale, Scotland where the young naval hero was son of a gardener. The organization is currently on a fundraising drive.

Raising the Serapis Flag
A picture of the US flag raised by JPJ when the Bonhomme sank HMS Serapis.

Pictures of Early American Sailing Ships from 1747
Huge JPEG pictures of early ships including JPJ's Alfred and Bonhomme Richard. Also Philadelphia and Constitution. From National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, DC. Organized by commission date.

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Boat Links New item
Includes "The Mother of All Maritime Links", some Literary links, encouragement for boatwrights and info on the Old Steam Navy

The Maritime History Virtual Archives New Item

Traditional Boats & Tall Ships Magazine

Shining Sea Foundation
Build your own clipper ship! Ambitious Boston-based group plans to construct an authentic cliper ship. Need money. Tell them we sent you.

US Navy Core Values
The official US Navy web site mentions JPJ in the opening remarks of its statement of values. Gone, but not forgotten.

Naval Historical Center
Official US government web site from Washington DC Navy Yard. See section on Early Naval History for JPJ.

Historical Marine Society
A little past JPJ's time, this group re-enacts life in the British Royal Navy life in the era of the Napoleonic Wars, c.1793-1815. HMS is a voluntary organization affiliated to the Napoleonic Association.

Naval History Magazine
Check out contents of current and past issues.

Maritime History From British Links
More links

Portsmouth's Historic Ships
England this time, not NH. An intriguing sites leading to info on the Royal Naval Museum, HMS Victory and Warrior, and the amazing story of the Mary Rose, discovered after 437 years underwater.

Maritime History on the Internet
Easy to use guide.

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