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Old Millstone

The Viking Stone isn't the only rock at the Tuck Museum in Hampton. Visitors who enter must step across an old millstone buried by the entrance to the 75-year-old museum of Hampton curiosities. On this day the museum guides are Eleanor Young and Marion Leach.

Goody Cole Memorial Stone

The Goody Cole Memorial Stone was placed on the wide campus of the Tuckl Museum in Hampton across from the Viking Stone. It is unmarked and was added to the Rock Garden in 1963. See: More on Goody Cole

Commemorative plaque

We've switched the photos to grayscale - somehow more appropriate for a rock tour. This boulder contains two old plaques, one commemorating the site of Hampton's old Log Meetinghouse and the other the original site of the Proprietary School, later called Hampton Academy.

Large Millstone

Just another large millstone on the lawn outside the Tuck Museum. It is about 5 feet in diameter. Hamptonites are proud of the 1638 founding of the town that became a puritan settlement, a little bit of Massachusetts planted on the NH seacoast.

Corkscrew Boulder

We don't know what this rock is, but we like it. The corkscrew boulder is planted near the front door of the Tuck Museum on Park Avenue in Hampton. The museum is open part of three days a week during the summers or by appointment.

Founder's Park

Just across the street from the Tuck is Founder's Park, dedicated during the 1938 town tercentennial. This big boulder contains a plaque honoring Rev. Stephen Bachiler of Southampton England who "seeking a larger liberty in October 1638 settled in the wilderness near this spot to plant a free church in a free town." As part if the promotional lore of the town, this is also the site where locals reportedly saw the ghost of Goody Cole, condemned by the Reverend as a witch in a property dispute similar to that of the puritans in Salem, MA.


Disposable photos by J. Dennis Robinson
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