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June 2002
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It happened again. We spent another week on Smuttynose Island and experienced the most amazing changeable weather. Words don't do this scenery justice. Cool bright weather on arrival quickly gave way to 2 days of downpour, followed by mists so thick all eight neighboring islands disappeared.  We saw an hour of dazling lightning across the ocean one night, then after a windy day, all motion stopped and hot humid air swallowed the island.  Within minutes the dark clouds darkened the sky that evening (see photo).
The previous evening, -- with sticks upraised to protects us against protective gull parents -- we watched the sun go down off Malaga Island, just beyond Smuttynose Cove. The following morning the sky changed from minute to minute as hte sun rose on a clear day. The last four photos show a sequence of cloud colors at roughtly 2 minute intervals.  If you don't like the weather -- wait a minute. It's life at the Isles of Shoals. --- JDR

Sunset Over Malago





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Disposable photos by J. Dennis Robinson
Copyright 2002 All rights reserved.
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