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In Search of Blackbeard's Treasure
September 27, 2000
Part 5: Blackbeard Arrives
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Blackbeard Arrives 1

Historically, we think this may be the first time Blackbeard ever set foot on Lunging Island, at least based on the progress of our geologists. According to the video producer, a giant drill rig is due to arrive next from Rockland, Maine to bore into the bedrock in search of a hidden cave where the treasure languishes. Uh-huh

Blackbeard Arrives 2

What's a pirate without lackeys? Looks like the costume department outfitted these two actors for Pirates of Penzance rather than the gritty open sea, but that's Hollywood. According to one legend, when asked where he had hidden his treasure, Blackbeard said that only he and the Devil knew, and the last one alive would claim it.

Blackbeard Arrives 3

Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard, reportedly abandoned 25 of his crewmen on an island once. Nice boss. Maybe that's why they formed a union -- an actor's union, that is. According to Isles lore, Blackbeard asked his 14th wife to guard the treasure ashore while he eluded the authorities. He of course, never returned, leaving her stranded.

Blackbeard Arrives 4

There she is now, the famous Lady Ghost of Lunging Island. Why she never asked her husband what became of the first 13 Mrs. Blackbeards, we cannot fathom. And so she is doomed to wander until eternity within sight of Honeymoon Cottage crying "He will come back! He will come back!" In your dreams, baby - and in reruns on the History Channel.

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Disposable images and text by J. Dennis Robinson
Copyright © 2000 All rights reserved.

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