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In Search of Blackbeard's Treasure
September 27, 2000
Part 4: Honeymoon Cottage
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Honeymoon Cottage 1

Meet Prudy Crandall Randall whose father Rev. Crandall purchased Lunging in the late 1920s when she was eight. She invited the history TV-show to determine once-and-for-all if there is any truth to the Blackbeard legend at Lunging. She pinpointed the spot where the scientists searched as we sat in the dining room and talked about the past.

Honeymoon Cottage 2

Inside the parlor of the cottage we signed the famous guest book of invited Lunging visitors through history - a special treat. Originally a fisherman's shack, the cottage was expanded by Oscar Laighton and later by the noted architect Frank Ferguson (Cram & Ferguson) who bought the island and cottage from Uncle Oscar in 1924 and owned it briefly until his death.

Honeymoon Cottage 3

It's difficult to imagine the odious pirate Blackbeard rowing into the Lunging harbor just beyond these dainty curtains. Actually, as we were shooting this photo, a pirate figure was indeed rowing in - with the aid of a motor, two pirate-garbed lackeys and a tow from Pete in the skiff of the Uncle Oscar. (Just two more shots, and then the pirate! Hang on.)

Honeymoon Cottage 4

Prudy's son Robert Randall was doing some last minute fall repair on the Lunging cottage with his son. Robert offered us an intriguing tour of the private grounds. It is possible that Lunging is a corrupted version of the original name Londoner's Island, so named for the representatives of the London Company, a fishing group that may have been based here as early as 1615. Richard pointed out where the old store may have been to the right of the cottage.

Honeymoon Cottage 4

The sign at the base of the anchor reads "Please Do Not Trespass." Like every one of the nine Isles of Shoals, Lunging is privately owned. The family hopes that the scientific testing will exorcise the legend of Blackbeard that attracts summer curiosity seekers.

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Disposable images and text by J. Dennis Robinson
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