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In Search of Blackbeard's Treasure
September 27, 2000
Part 3: Treasure Hunting
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Treasure Hunting 1

According to legend, Blackbeard was being pursued by the authorities while sailing somewhere between Canada and the East Coast of the USA. To avoid detection, he split his ill-gotten loot with some crewmen and each hid his portion on neighboring islands. Shoals legend says the crew went to Smuttynose Island where some believe Sam Haley found silver bars in the early 1800s. The rest came here to a cave in a natural cove at Lunging. The cave, Prudy Rangall believes, is under this spot where the geologists are searching with their high tech equipment while the cameramen record.

Treasure Hunting 2

Okay, this scientist is dragging a gizmo on wheels across the breakwater while wearing a thing-a-majig on his back. That sends a message to a fancy device nearby that measures stuff underground. (If this is too technical, please more on to next photo.) The effect, we're told, is like looking for fish with a fishfinder machine. The experts read the shapes and look for indications of silver bars of treasure.

Treasure Hunting 3

No this is not Blackbeard and his 14th wife - they arrive soon. Here geophysicist Dorothy Richter poses for a shot in front of Honeymoon Cottage with producer Tom Jennings as the search for the legendary treasure goes on in the background. Eventually the tide rose so high that the reef was covered for a few hours, halting work.

Treasure Hunting 4

By lunchtime this pile of snacks was as welcome as Blackbeard's treasure. The producers didn't skimp on drinks, snacks and sandwiches. We knew this was a top-quality project because the two giant mixed-nut containers had NO PEANUTS! Soon after feeding time the editor of was interviewed on-camera for the TV-special "History's Mysteries." You'll have to watch in 2001 to see if we ended up on the editing room floor.

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Disposable images and text by J. Dennis Robinson
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