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Use these 12 hotlinks to learn more about online marketing and how to use the internet to extend the reach of your company.

  • Guerrilla Marketing Online
    Guerrilla Marketing Online is a weekly website for small business, entrepreneurs, sales people and marketers of all kinds.

  • A1's Directory of FREE Web Page Promotion Listing Sites
    An agregation of over 100 web directories, search engines, e-zines, and award sites that you can use as a hopping off point for your site submission. If you are not the do-it-yourself type, a submission service is offered also.

  • WebStep Top 100
    Multimedia Marketing Group's WebStep Top 100 features links to the best 100 places that will list your web site for free. Commercial submission service also available. Also home of the internet sales discussion list. To receive a free subscription send any e-mail to: IS-SUB@MMGCO.COM.

  • The Cybrarian's Guide to Cyber-Marketing
    A wealth of information including internet demographics, interactive marketing, website promotion, public relations and online advertising.

  • Website Promoters Resource Center
    Offering diverse "Website Promotions Solutions", including but not limited to; linking guide, idea chalkboard, banner baazar, promoters library, marketers mailbox, and consulting services.

  • Web Marketing Info Center for the Internet
    A huge collection of articles and resources about web marketing. Don't forget to sign up for the free "Web Marketing Today" newsletter.

  • Online Marketing Strategies
    Learn about effective web marketing, web development and lesser known marketing tools like moderated discussion digests and auto-responders.

    A tremendous collection of e-mail addresses targeted specifically at media outlets of all kinds. Newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, etc. Very useful place to start creating an e-mail group for electronic press releases.

  • The Electronic Newsstand
    THE stopping off point for print media, particularly magazines. Locate magazines for the most narrowly foccussed topics imaginable.

  • NAA Hotlinks: Alphabetical Listing of US Daily Newspapers
    Provided by the Newspaper Association of America. More press release avenues.

  • AJR Newslink
    The American Journalism Review web site. Over 4,000 links to newspapers, magazines, broadcasters and news services worldwide.

  • Liszt of Newsgroups
    A web site dedicated to the catalogging and organizing of the over 5000 newsgroups. These are special types of discussion groups for people with specifically defined interests. A good way to discuss with others your interests and illicit the opinions of other online users.

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